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Well Being 7-day Summer Program

The first of its kind, I’m so excited to share this 7-day summertime program with you all.

We all need different things at different times, and likewise, what one person needs might be different to the needs of another. The truth of the matter is, we are constantly changing and evolving, and so I believe that the keys to personal wellbeing are flexibility and adaptability, as well as really, truly knowing yourself. This program is all about helping you to rediscover the connection between your body and mind, in order to feel your very best - both mentally and physically. As Summer approaches, this program focuses on providing you with the tools you might be needing or craving at this time of the year, as we shift from Winter into Summer. You’ll also notice an emphasis on seasonal ingredients, which, without us having to think too much about it, are natures way of providing us with exactly what we need. I wanted to focus on Summer, also, as it is one of the most intimidating times of the year, for many. With beach holidays coming up, many people feel a fresh wave of body negativity and low confidence. With warmer, drier weather, many people feel overwhelmed with changes in energy levels, skin, digestion and other issues. The intention of this program is to equip you with ways to cope in the lead up to and during the Summer, and with flexibility and adaptability at the heart of each and every recommendation, it is going to be much gentler and simpler than you might expect a wellness program to be.

This program is built on the foundations of experience-based recipes, rituals and techniques that I have discovered and fine-tuned over the years. The main intention is to assist you in resetting your body and mind, and to nourish them in carefully outlined ways that should encourage reduced inflammation, reduced water retention and a refreshed mindset to wellbeing, as well as enhanced energy levels, enhanced positivity and mood, and possibly even a little weight loss, if that is what you are keen to work on.

The main topics of this program are food, movement, mindfulness and self-care, and the program is designed to be followed closely for 7-days, minimum. However, since I do not advocate strict diets or believe that putting a time frame on your wellbeing is sustainable, long term, this entire program is really designed to be applied - either exactly or in a more relaxed capacity - to everyday life, going forward. Whilst I am not a fan of fad diets or things with time frames, I recognise that sometimes it helps to have things outlined simply and clearly, to understand the exact steps you need to take for any specific goals you might have.

Together, these tools will prepare you for the Summer, helping you to feel better mentally and physically. Physically, you will explore cutting out certain foods and moving more, and mentally, you will do some deeper work on self-worth and intention setting. This program contains lessons in what foods you should be eating as Summer approaches, what foods you might consider ditching in order to deep cleanse, daily and weekly meal plans, a note on intermittent fasting, ways to boost your digestion, how to be more active, what kinds of movement and exercise can support your goals, beauty tips and remedies for things like glowing skin and improved circulation, amongst other things. You’ll also find free daily meditation rituals and recordings for the morning and evening, as well as rituals to encourage improved moods, positivity and for increasing your self worth in order to attract what you desire.

This is not just a diet, nor is it a fitness program, but it can be if you want it to be. You can take these tips and apply them as loosely or intensely as you’d like to. The main thing is that you feel better, both physically and mentally. I hope this program helps you to thrive and feel really, really good this Summer.

* Whilst I am unable to provide private sessions for any of you exploring this program, and whilst this lack of consultation means I won’t get to know each of you and your individual lifestyles at all, the content here is developed with a wide range of needs in mind, and is intended to fit all kinds of lifestyles; providing inspiration and encouragement rather than strict, unadaptable rules.

* I like to suggest a program like this once a month or once at the beginning of every season, to reset the body, get enough rest, and just to learn, get to know your body, acknowledge your mind body connection and start feeling empowered to manage your own wellbeing.



Ingredients to cut, ingredients to introduce (seasonal), shopping list, daily plan, 7 day plan.



How to be more active, fitness advice, types of movement to try, what’s right for you, and a note on mindset.


& Other Rituals

Beauty rituals and natural remedies, journaling, meditation for the morning and evening, stream of consciousness, positive aspects, intention setting, moon rituals, self worth worksheet.