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In this space I share my journey with food, travel and natural living. This space is focused around nourishing, natural and wholesome ingredients provided freely by the universe (and free from gluten, dairy and refined sugar). I value an all-encompassing approach to wellbeing that is simply about discovering the power and intention of natural ingredients that our bodies thrive off. There is no one diet fits all and there is no set formula designed to serve each person, each day of the year, at each moment in his or her life. We are all unique and we all grow and change, which is why the key to living ‘well’ really comes down to personal responsibility, awareness and intuition. Diet and exercise merely lie on the surface of 'wellbeing', and in order to truly live ‘well’, it is crucial to rediscover the connection between the body, mind, spirit, soul and energy of ourselves and each other. This blog is way of documenting what I have learned over time and what I am still discovering. Explore innovative recipes, travel guidance, wellbeing discussion, spiritual insights, product love and collaboration. Takeaway anything that serves you in making more concious, mindful and intuitive lifestyle choices to re-connect your body and mind.

My name is Danielle and I am a full-time model (represented by IMG Models + Stockholmsgruppen), nutritionist (dip), and entrepenuer, (founder and director of Qnola - a range of quinoa-based superfood breakfast goods free from gluten, grains, dairy and refined sugar). I grew up in the countryside surrounding Bath and now live in London, splitting my time between here, Sweden and the USA. I started this blog during a transitional stage of my life, as a way to document amazing foods, ingredients I was previously unfamiliar with and inspiring ways to use them - not just nutritionally but also mindfully. Having transitioned from an unhealthy teenager to a health obsessed model, I now develop simple, healthy recipes using natural, wholesome ingredients, including pseudo grains, fruit, vegetables, healthy fats, natural sweeteners and organic meat and fish - embracing fresh, local and seasonal produce. I use these ingredients and ancient teachings combined with modern techniques to control the side effects of stressfully keeping up with the fast pace of modern life. Creating a community, enjoying real ingredients rather than food products and staying curious, connected and aligned with the Earth and it's provisions have majorly influenced how I eat, act, think, feel and thrive.

Alongside running my own business, writing my own blog and modelling, I am also available to write, consult and collaborate on other projects.
For sponsored posts, collaborative content, recipe development, content creation, copy writing, travel writing and reviews, menu design, menu consultancy, hosting events, brand development, business consultancy, food styling / photography and any other enquiries, connect with me directly at danielle@qnola.co.uk.

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