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1 1/2 Cups Ground Coffee
1 Cup Cashews, soaked for at least 4 hours
2 Cups Filtered Water
1 Teaspoon Vanilla
1/2 Teaspoon Date Syrup or Coconut Blossom Nectar
Pinch of Himalayan Pink Salt
Cinnamon, optional


To make the coffee, place the ground beans into a large jug or preferably an airtight, glass container or pitcher. Pour in 3 1/2 cups of filtered cold water and stir to combine. Cover with cling film or seal an airtight container with the lid and let sit for 12 hours, or up to as long as 1 1/2 days. The longer it brews, the stronger the flavour. 

When the coffee has brewed, lay either a coffee filter if you have one or simply a sheet of kitchen roll over a fine sieve. You could also use a nut milk or jam straining bag, but the filters and kitchen roll ensure an entirely smooth result. Work with a small amount of the coffee at a time - as you will likely have to use several sheets of kitchen roll or several filters once they become too wet. Bit by bit, pour the coffee through whichever method of filter you are using, collecting the strained coffee in a jug or a bowl beneath. Repeat until all of the coffee has been strained. Discard of the ground coffee grains and rinse the container, returning the strained coffee to it for storage. Store in the fridge.

For the cashew milk, place the soaked cashews and water into your blender and blend on a high speed for 2 minutes. Pour through a nut milk or jam straining bag into a jug. Squeeze and massage the nut mixture to extract as much 'milk' as possible. Rinse the blender and return the strained milk to it, adding the vanilla and sweetener and any other flavours you decide to use. Blend for a further 30 seconds and transfer to a bottle or an airtight liquids container. Chill before using, or if you are enjoying your latte warm, enjoy straight away. Simply heat the cold brew coffee in a small saucepan and whisk in the milk once the coffee becomes hot. Remove from the heat and stir vigorously, then enjoy.

For an iced cashew latte, pour the cold brew coffee over some ice cubes followed by as much milk as you'd like. You can also blend the two together with the ice cubes for a 'frappe' consistency.