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It is what it is. It's chicken, and even if it's not the weekend, this will make you feel like it is. With not hydrogenated fats or deep frying involved, and no wheat or dairy either, this chicken is a nourishing alternative to a popular fast food take away choice. Enjoy with avocado mayonnaise, salad, sweet potato wedges and some homemade dairy free slaw.

(Enough for two chicken breasts)

2 Eggs
1 Cup Ground Almonds
1-2 Tablespoons Nutritional Yeast
2 Teaspoon Paprika
1 Teaspoon Cumin
2 Teaspoon Mixed Dried Herbs
2 Teaspoon Sumac
2 Chicken Breasts, chopped
Ground Garlic/Crushed Garlic/Garlic Salt, optional

Chop the chicken into strips just over an inch wide. In a small to medium bowl, whisk the eggs together with a fork until combined. In a separate bowl combine the dry ingredients. Take one piece of chicken at a time and dip it in the egg mixture first. Meanwhile, heat some coconut or olive oil in a pan/griddle pan. Coat the chicken in egg entirely before then dipping it into the dry mixture. Roll the chicken in the crumbs thoroughly until evenly coated. Gently transfer to the pan which should be hot and repeat this process until all of the chicken is coated and in the pan. Fry on a medium heat for about two minutes before flipping to cook the other sides. Keep cooking until the crumbed outside begins to brown and become slightly crispy. Cut a strip through the middle to see if it is fully cooked before removing from the heat and serving.
You could use turkey for an even healthier, leaner variation or even salmon or cod. I would recommend maybe using a fillet of fish and coating it whole before baking in some oil in the oven. It will taste better than if you were to fry it. You could do this with the chicken too if you aren’t short of time.