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A toast to Well Being

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Last week, we celebrated the launch of my book, Well Being. Friends, family and other familiar faces gathered for a lock in at Lululemon's regent street store, and we washed down canapés made from recipes in the book with a toast of my favourite botanical aperitif by Kamm + Sons (or non-alcoholic gin and tonic option from Seedlip). Kamm + Sons is made from 45 natural botanicals. It is sweetened with manuka honey and infused with herbs, spices, fruits, berries, nuts, peels, barks, roots, leaves and flowers, including ginseng, grapefruit peel, hibiscus, elderflower, goji berries, fennel seeds and echinacea.

It is my all time favourite drink and is so simple to serve. Whilst there are several concoctions on their website if you want to get fancy, all it takes to wet my whistle is tonic, sparkling water or coconut water, fresh lime and a selection of fresh herbs (such as mint, thyme, rosemary or cinnamon sticks). Below is the drink we served on the night; needless to say there were only empty bottles by the end of it.

kamm 2.jpg

Serves 1 

1-2 measures of Kamm + Sons botanical aperitif
200-250ml tonic, sparkling water or coconut water (depending on the size of your aperitif measure)
1-2 sprigs of fresh herbs (pictured here with mint)
1-2 slices of lime
Handful of ice


Simply pour your measure of Kamm + Sons into a glass, then top up with your choice of tonic, sparkling water or coconut water. Stir with a spoon or cocktail stirrer, then add the ice and garnish with the slices of lime and fresh herbs. 
Serve chilled.

Where to buy Kamm + Sons