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Moon Time 🌕 November Full Moon in Taurus

Moon Time, Wind Down Well, Mindfulness & Meditationdanielle coppermanComment

The full moon is a powerful time to take stock and reflect on the past and manifest things in the future. The number 11 is considered sacred and representative of divinity, rebirth and higher consciousness and as the 11th month of the year, November is an energetically and vibrationally positive, prosperous time. Starting November with a full moon is the perfect opportunity to recalibrate; to bring to fruition the seeds you've been planting since the last New Moon and to allow them to unfold and realise. It is a harmonious time and one of abundance and openness, As well as a time of preparation, support and protection. As Winter draws in, we begin to tie up loose ends and shut things down, taking it easy as we approach the end of another year. So as well as surrendering to the Moon's transformational energy, it is also important to consider anything that may need releasing, to clear space for things to come. It is important to let go of any stagnant patterns, energy blocks and preventative, self-limiting thoughts. The full moon is as good a time as any to tune in to where you are right now, what you might want to let go of and what you might want to start planning for.