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In 2014, I designed an unusal granola recipe made using quinoa instead of oats. For the weeks that followed, I continued to make this then-called 'Quinola' at home on my days off from modelling, to enjoy as a quick and easy breakfast as I ran out the door for early shoots or as a snack, fitted in my bag to keep me going during long days of castings, go sees and meetings. A few days ago, Qnola was launched in Waitrose stores across the country. I don't know how I got here, or how I did any of the things I did along the way. I just know that I did them, and now I am here. The bestselling flavours Almond + Vanilla and Beetroot + Pistachio are now officially stocked in 23 stores Nationwide (see our stockist map for full list of locations).

Almost two years ago, when I first changed my diet and stopped eating wheat, gluten, grains, dairy, hydrogenated fats and refined sugars, I needed a quick and effortless yet nourishing breakfast option that wasn't - like conventional cereals - basically just a flapjack broken into small pieces. Granola, despite its healthy image and the extent to which it is advertised and promoted as healthy, is in reality outrageously high in sugar, and even if these sugars are natural, your body will still register them and respond to them in a similar way to how it would respond to refined sugars. It is the quantity of sugar that you need to be careful of. On top of this, some granola's are made with butter, margerine or hydroginated fats, chemicals, preservatives, flavourings, colourings and other additives. The nuts and seeds involved are what often fool people into thinking granola is an innocent and virtuous breakfast and snack choice. And because I thought it was healthy, I used to eat it for breakfast, as a snack, and sometimes instead of or after dinner. When you think something is healthy, the amount of it that you allow yourself to consume can quickly become unhealthy.

Qnola is a range of nutritionally charged quinoa based breakfast goods, free from gluten, grains, dairy and refined sugar. With only 8g of sugar per 100g it is currently lower in sugar than any other granola company on the market, and most of these sugars come from the carbohydrate content, rather than solely the organic coconut palm sugar. The products are filling, yet light, sweet, yet very subtly, high in healthy fats, protein and fiber, and made by hand in the UK with pure superfood flavourings you won't find in many other cereal products.

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To celebrate the launch we are running our first ever Shelfie campaign. To get involved, all you have to do is head to the nearest Waitrose store that is stocked with Qnola, take a shelfie either with the products or of the products on the shelf, tag @qnolauk and include our hashtags #wakeupwell and #qnolashelfie so we don't miss your submissions. Winners will recieve a luxury breakfast hampers worth over £100. Inside, you'll find our favourite products designed to help you Wake Up Well, from our Summer edition Qnola, Nut Blend Nut Butter, Pukka Herbs Tea, The Pressery Almond Milk and Four Sigma Mushroom Coffee to Neal's Yard Defence Oil, Ren Skincare, a Qnola Wake Up Well Eye Mask, an item of Luxury Sportswear and spiritually charged jewellery. We'll be selecting two winners at the beginning of September, so make sure you submit your posts via instagram and / or twitter before August 31st.

If there is a Waitrose store near you which isn't listed on our current stockist list, please email hithere@qnola.co.uk with the name of your town or city as the subject title and we will make it happen!


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Sometimes it just helps to see your own thoughts written down. I've been known to write my thoughts down when it feels like there's just too many active ones going around in my mind, and this always helps me to think more clearly and assess things properly. But, what's even better is when you see your own thoughts written down, by someone else. It's like a sense of validity to your own thoughts. To know that someone else is thinking the same way, and someone else understands you and feels the same things you do - strongly enough to write an entire book about it - is incredibly settling. And for the author to be so confident that there are people in the world who actually need and will read such a book, makes you feel like, although you thought the same things before seeing them written down, they're actually common concerns that plenty of other people are dealing with too. When the thoughts sit inside your mind, you're not sure anyone else thinks the same way you do. So to see it written down by someone else, for many of someone elses, and to know so many other people will be reading and nodding along too, is a sweet clarification that your own thoughts and concerns are not only with you but with other too, and confirms that they are not as irrational as you might have thought.

As starting my own business was something that just happened to me, I didnt spend a lot of time researching or considering, well, anything to be honest. In the beginning, most people start with an idea, and then spend a lot of time mulling it over, assessing the risks and oppertunites and generally scaring, and stalling, themselves. I didn't read up on anything, and still the only knowledge I have of running a business is my own experience of doing so. But this book, this is one thing I wish I had discovered. Not before embarking on my start-up sole trader journey, necessarily, but definitely sooner than I did. For anyone running a small business, or considering to do so, the sooner you bring this book into your life, the better.

Do Purpose basically breaks down and exposes all the mindful struggles and barriers of having your own business. It admits everything you constantly think about but that you rarely voice, and that other people rarely discuss. The things that really get under your skin, make you feel useless and hopeless and even at times, a bit of a joke, or a fraud. Below is a selection of my favourite quotes taken from the book, which are applied to business scenarios but which I also think apply to the general struggles of day-to-day life.

(The moral here is, don’t be sane. don't play safely, don't be too sensible, and ultimately don't quit just because it seems easier than carrying on. In the end, your love and passion for your business will become so powerful you'll become ignorant to the worries and the stresses).

(More staff, more distribution, more stationary, more patents, more sales, more money, more followers. Their coffee budget is bigger than your marketing budget. Their CEO doesn’t have to put the bins out as well as lead the company. But in my opinion, they lack the truly important things, such as passion, meaning, authenticity and purpose. Think about it, and then decide what you'd be prouder of. Good stationary, or good morals and good ideas?).

(Ain't nuthin truer).

(Let it happen. The more you plan, or aim, or want to get to a certain point, the less likely you are to get there. Allow time to do its thing, allow yourself to grow and allow your thing to develop naturally, and exactly as it intends to. There is only so much we can do, but I believe that a lot of things already know their path and their direction, and they're gonna take whatever time they need, to get there - so don't rush them).

(OK, I know I just said don't rush things, but time is also precious, so use it wisely. There are a couple of pages in this book which outline how everyone's given the same time from the ‘time bank. Once you withdraw it, you can spend it however you want. Time poorly spent will not be replaced. Time is more valuable than money. You can make more money, but you can't make more time. One day you will go to the bank and you won’t have any time left to withdraw. And you never know when this day might come. You wouldn’t waste money, so don’t waste your time).

(This applies to just about anything in life, and is something that really resonated with me. Qnola basically set itself up. I never planned to start a business, and I was certainly not ready too, but I truly think that growing and learning on the job made the entire journey more enjoyable, more natural and ultimately more successful. I'm pretty confident that if I'd waited until I was 'ready', or until I thought I was ready, I'd still be waiting now).

(Small budgets require big ideas. you don’t need a big budget to succeed, just a big idea).

(Do it all and do it right. Don't expect to do only the good bits, or only the successful bits, and don't expect there to be ways to avoid the bits you don't enjoy, or that don't go right. Don't expect there to be a fast pass, and don't depend on there being an easy way around things).

(basically, take it easy yeh?).

(again, take it easy, you are a single human being, don't try to do too much. This is the easiest advice to give, but possible the hardest to take, especially if you are creatively inclined and just want to do do do more more more).

(The ride is yours, and no one elses journey will be the same. Starting your own business will make you question yourself, doubt your abilities, compare your business to others and just generally make you feel ridiculous and in some cases hopeless. But one thing to remember is that you are doing what you love, and even if you are doing a terrible job at it, at the end of the day there is a life outside of it, and the purpose of that life is to enjoy it. Do your best until you know better, and in the meantime, enjoy the ride. This is your thing, and it was never supposed to make you feel shitty).