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Spring Equinox

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The Spring Equinox (March 20 2017) is the time when the light and dark, the yin and yang and the masculine and feminine energies of the cosmos are in perfect balance and alignment. The Universe and all its beings are reborn, refreshed and restored after a long and restful Winter, and as we transition into Spring, we let go of and leave behind what no longer serves us, and welcome the new - manifesting what we want the present and future to hold. 

This phase of the year is a powerful time to come together with those around you to celebrate and welcome the lighter, brighter energy, fresh produce and opportunities that Spring brings. It is about reassessing and manifesting the things that you desire, and now is the time to sow the seeds that you want to experience flourishing into things. 

Gather with friends to release the past and share and set intentions for things you want to see, do, feel or simply be this season. Having a clear and focused but also open approach to these things will help draw them towards you, and will ensure you feel grounded, aligned and filled with faith. As you open up to both the experiences that you manifest and also those that come to you unexpectedly as a result of this alignment, wonderful things can happen, whether physical experiences or internal shifts within your body, mind and soul. 

Why You Should Celebrate The 20th March 2016

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What a powerful moment we are nearing. Whilst many of us might be too busy to notice the seasons officially change (and with Britain so attached to the grey, gloomy days it is famous for, sometimes there isn't any obvious change at all), some of us are aware that, in fact, there is an actual day when the world and all its inhabitants make this transition from old days to new ones. The Spring Equinox is upon us. Yep yep my friends, Spring arrives on Sunday.

Any seasonal shift is a big deal. It's the process of things relaligning in new ways and the Earth renewing and refreshing itself and its cycles. While the Winter Solstice signifies the Earth's last light days before entering winter's hibernation, the Spring Equinox heralds the end of winter. This is why the Spring Equinox is a bigger deal to me. Hi to all longer, brighter, warmer days - you're very welcome here.

I prefer Spring to Winter for many reasons. Winter is grey and I feel like the Earth is as dark when I wake up as it is when I'm eating lunch and then when I'm going back to sleep. The daily cycles seem so short and the lack of light makes everything less fun, less beautiful, less doable and less good. This is no good for making me feel awake, making me feel happy, or making food photography possible in the any way at all. It's also why nothing growns in Winter. Everything is falling apart and dying. God, why aren't we given the whole winter off to sit in our most unacceptable comfortable clothes watching boxsets, listening to podcasts, eating comfort food and having cuddles? Now that I'm seeing this written down I'm finding it hard to believe that I survived the struggles of such a horrible season. No wait, I do love it - duvet days! soup! christmas! snow!

But Spring. Just the word, it's so springy and full of energy like the season itself. Spring is a celebration season. We come out of what would be a long hibernation if jobs had never been invented but which is instead just the Earth's chance to cool down and chill, and are awoken by new energy, rebirth, growth and rebalance. The Earth realigns and the sunlight offers more of itself each day, allowing everything and everyone to thrive. I even prefer Spring to Summer. In Britain, that is. Summer is somehow anticlimatic, especially in the City. It is cursed for commonly arriving too late, and then when we do get hot days, we spend most of them stuck to other people inside a tube carriage, or confined by the walls of an office unable to enjoy it anyway. And every time we plan a barbeque it changes. How can it just do that? These should all be rules surely. But Spring. Spring is full of hope, full of energy and a sign of greater things to come. The days are bright and the temperature is fresh, light and crisp, rather than muggy, humid and heavy. Spring arrives and reminds us of the Earth's potential to be a positive, vibrant habitat filled with good vibrations, peaceful energy and both beautiful and delicious natural provisions.

Take time to chill as the season shifts, as this transition has more of an affect on our bodies and minds than you might think, both physically and mentally. It's a time to focus on new beginnings and a chance to reflect on the past. So on Saturday 19th March, if you're not staying up to experience the change early on Sunday morning, take time to chill, enjoy the last wintery meal of the season, breath deeply and think, or even journal, about any feelings that may be surfacing.