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How and Where to Shop Sustainably In and Around London ~ For Ecoage

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Technically, I began shopping sustainably as soon as I had my own money to do so.  When I had my first job, I used to spend my earnings in charity shops and at flea markets and car boot sales. But, somewhere along the way, as I was growing up and earning more, the fashion industry began changing rapidly and fast-fashion was at its peak. I remember getting over-excited by how much you could buy in certain high street stores for the price of one or two items at the usual, more niche stores, unaware that the low prices come at a high cost for the garment workers producing them. And I remember when online shopping became a thing; I could browse for hours and choose from thousands of brands and styles of clothing, and still only make a dent in my monthly savings. I thought it was great!

But then, as with most things, what goes up must come down, or should I say what grows rapidly gets quickly out of control and is unsustainable in the long run. The excitement soon wore off, as I ended up with often low-quality garments that didn’t last, and also just too much stuff in general. It began to get overwhelming. I also began to discover so much more about the fashion industry as my interest in wellbeing and sustainability developed, and realised I wanted to be involved in improving our relationship with fashion. To do that, I had to start by making small changes myself, and returned to my initial consumer habits of shopping second hand and boycotting fast-fashion high street names. The saying goes that our parents and grandparents always know best, and returning to a less extreme way of shopping - buying ‘just enough’ and only what we ‘need’, and adopting that ‘make do and mend’ mindset - could be just what it takes to reduce our impact on the world and to rectify some of the damage our harmful and unnecessary habits had been having on it.

Below are some tips for shopping more sustainably, from food and fashion to furniture and beauty products, and some of the places best for doing so in and around London. 


1.    Buy second hand. Instead of buying brand new things all the time, wherever possible, try to find what you need from a second hand source, such as a charity shops, car boot sales, estate sales, markets, online marketplaces or vintage stores.

2.    Swap things. Try swapping items of clothing with friends or renting clothes if you have events or occasions coming up that require a special piece of clothing that you probably won’t wear more than a handful of times. This reduces waste, saves you money and also keeps things exciting, as you can rent something different in future and keep your wardrobe up to date. This also applies for things like furniture, appliances, books and even beauty products. If something doesn’t work for you or if you no longer need it, give it to a friend or swap it for something else. I’ve done plenty of beauty swaps of things that don’t work for me but work for others, and it reduces waste and helps others.

3.    Shop at handmade craft, second hand and food markets. Shopping at markets can mean finding locally-produced, unpackaged products, and recycling and reusing items other people no longer need. Now that the weather is nicer, markets also make a really fun day out.

4.    Shop from local artisans. For things like food, fashion, furniture and all sorts of other items, find local communities selling direct to consumers, meaning you will be supporting local businesses and individuals rather than larger corporations. You will also find the items you purchase are better quality, made with deep purpose and love and made to last.

5.    Buy your groceries without packaging. As much as possible, buy loose foods without plastic or other packaging. That might mean going to separate shops rather than conveniently finding everything you need under one roof (like a supermarket), but it is better for your food, your health and the planet. Visit grocery stores with loose fruits (and use their paper bags or take your own cloth produce bags), and find stores offering refill stations and dispensers of things like nuts, seeds, grains and legumes. It might be a little less convenient for you, but far more convenient for the planet.

6.    Look for materials that have a lower environmental impact. Buy clothes and other necessities made from materials that have been produced using low impact ingredients and processes (e.g. materials that use minimal water, chemicals and energy, and that are not polluting in their production, care and end of life). Materials like virgin polyester and nylon are made from petroleum oil making them similar to plastic, and fabrics may be dyed, bleached or treated in order to enhance their design or extend their functionality. Things like cotton and denim also require so much water to be produced, and at the rate at which we consume, it is not sustainable. Therefore make sure you choose products made with natural materials, which are biodegradable and are less of a strain on our natural resources, such as linen, bamboo (although note that the process to turn bamboo into a fabric can be impactful, so it is important to understand how the fabric was made), Tencel, coconut fibres, banana leaf, hemp, organic silk, sugar cane, the list goes on. There is so much we can do with plant fibers these days, so do some research and see for yourself. Another option is buying up-cycled items or those made from recycled materials, such as ECONYL®, which takes plastic found in the oceans and turns it into fabric.

7.    If you absolutely need to buy new, only buy something you really love and will use for years to come and opt for brands that are transparent about their environmental and social efforts

8. Buy less. In general, just try to buy less. Ask yourself if you really need something before buying it. Studies show that owning less is actually more liberating and freeing and makes us feel less cluttered and stressed than owning lots of things but not using them enough or not having enough space for them. We really need very little for day-to-day survival, so reconsider before you buy something new.

9. Buy better quality. While at the time, spending more on something you know you can get a cheaper version of elsewhere can sometimes be difficult, buying better quality means it will last longer and you will be less likely to have to replace it in the near future.

10. Buy local produce. Buying locally grown or locally made produce cuts down the distance an item has had to travel, meaning less carbon emissions, transportation, packaging and labour has been involved in getting it into your hands. Buying local, seasonal food that is made in the local climate and with local Earth and resources often means it is better for and more familiar to your body, and so easier to digest and more nourishing than something that has grown in a completely different climate and that has travelled miles and been confined in lots of packaging while in transit to your plate. 

11.  Buy more natural beauty products. This will help not only your skin but also the environment. Buy less products made with artificial chemicals and ingredients and find products that don’t include plastics like micro beads, or synthetic preservatives like parabens. These are bad for your skin and often mask skin issues and can sometimes even make them worse, but they also end up in the water supply and can contribute to chemicals in our water or worse, absorbed into the earth. They are also often packaged in materials and designs that can’t be recycled.

12.  Whenever possible, opt for longest delivery time when online shopping. Online shopping has its pros and cons, and some people think it is better than brick and mortar shopping. On the plus side, it groups deliveries together in one transit, which is better than a number of people driving or traveling to a shop. It also requires less physical buildings and while head offices, depots and fulfillment centers count as physical buildings, its generally more resource efficient than running multiple stores with more staff, more lighting, music, air conditioning, heating, electronic displays, tills, and so on. However, on the other hand, it does mean more vehicles are out on deliveries, and often means more packaging.  Back to the point, if you do shop on line, opting for next day delivery is worse for the environment as it forces companies to send out trucks that are not at full capacity, so whenever possible, always select the longest delivery time to ensure your shipment is added to a larger load, rather than on a specially organised service.

Do Less:

1. Shopping in supermarkets. Everything is generally packaged often unnecessarily in several layers of plastic, paper, films, cardboard, and more, just for the sake of keeping it clean and in shape. Also, ready meals, processed foods, junk food and convenience items have all taken a lot of time, resources, human and technological processes, transportation and so on, meaning they are not very environmentally-friendly. Not to mention, all the processing they go through and all of the additives and preservatives added to them - they are not the healthiest option for you either.

2.    Using plastic bags or even paper bags from shops. Get into the habit of taking your own bags (such as a fabric tote bag, turtle bags, rope bags or a good old backpack).

3.     Buying things new. Particularly things like clothes. Instead try to take inspiration from new trends and then take a little more time to rummage in second hand stores, vintage stores or markets for what it is you want or need. You can often find many things second hand, like appliances, gadgets, furniture etc. All it takes is a little browsing and some organization.

4.    Impulse buying. Just because you want something, it rarely means you need it. If I’m not 100% convinced that I love something or need it, I leave it (occasionally taking a photo as a reminder) and go back for it if I really want it once I’ve given it some thought. Try it next time you feel drawn to buying something new. Stand with the product and ask yourself if you really need it. Ask yourself about the way it was made, who and what was involved, and ask yourself if all of that is worth it just for a moment of your own satisfaction.

5.    Packaging. When shopping for anything, request as little packaging as possible. If you’re in a physical store, refuse a carrier bag and definitely refuse gift wrapping unless you really need it (although it’s better if you recycle old stuff or simply use newspaper or kraft paper). If you get a lot of deliveries or gifts for work, request that they are sent in as minimal packaging as possible.

6.    Shopping for beauty products. Beauty products are highly responsible for waste in the form of packaging and pollution in the form of dangerous and artificial chemicals ending up in our water supply. If you do prefer to use commercial products, opt for more natural, environmentally responsible and ethical brands that use sustainably produced resources and all-natural ingredients. Try to look for those made with 100% natural ingredients and packaged into refillable, recyclable or biodegradable packaging. Better yet, instead of buying new products, try making your own natural remedies from natural raw ingredients, such as coconut oil, shea butter, almond oil, essential oils and extracts.


Where to buy food

London Food Markets:

1.    The Real Food Market, Kings Cross 
2.    Stoke Newington Farmers Market
3.    Netil Market
4.    Broadway Market
5.    Borough Market
6.    West Hampstead farmers market
7.    Islington farmers market
8.    Maltby Street Market
9.    Brixton Village
10.  Brick Lane Market
11.  Exmouth Market
12.  Alexandra Place farmers market
13.  Blackheath farmers market
14.  Brockley farmers market
15.  Marylebone farmers market
16.  Peckham farmers market
17.  Berwick street market

Food Stores:

1.   Wholefoods
2.   Mother Earth
3.   Planet Organic
4.   Ocado
5.   Local farms… particularly those that offer "pick your own"
6.   Food for all
7.   Earth Natural Foods
8.   Pipoca
9.   As nature intended
10. Source bulk foods
11. Borough wines (offers refills)
12. Bulk market
13. Hetu
14. Harmless store
15. Harvest
16. Earth Natural foods
17. Daylesford
18. Neals Yard Remedies
19. Abel and cole
20. Riverford
21. Oddbox
22. Natoora
23. The Cure
24. De beauvior deli
25. Organico

* Search for local delis, grocery stores, health food shops and markets near you, as there are plenty across London.

Where to buy beauty products

1.    Content beauty
2.    Lush 
3.    Gracefruit 
4.    Cult Beauty
5.    Space NK 
6.   Wholefoods
7.  Planet Organic
8.  Ocado
9.  Neals Yard Remedies
10. Glow Bar
11. Cap Beauty
12. Goop Store

Where to buy fashion, furniture, antiques and accessories


1.    St Augustine's School Car Boot Sale, Maida Vale (Saturdays from 7am)
2.    Picks Cottage Car Boot Sale, Waltham Abbey (Sundays from 6.30am)
3.    Chiswick Car Boot (first Sunday of each month from 7am)
4.    Battersea Boot Sale, Battersea (Sunday from 1.30pm)
5.    Princess May School Car Boot, Dalston (Saturdays & Sundays from 7am)
6.    Hounslow Heath Car Boot, Hounslow (Thursdays & Sundays from 6am)
7.    Capital Car Boot, Pimlico (Sundays from 10am)
8.    Tottenham Car Boot Sale, Tottenham (Thursdays from 6am)
9.    Calvers Fairs Car Boot Sale, Uxbridge (Selected Sundays from 7am)
10.  Wimbledon Car Boot Sale, Wimbledon (Wednesdays from 10.30am & Sundays from 6.30am)


1. Reve en vert
2. Bug
3. The Basics Store
4. Beyond Retro
5. Brick Lane
6. Rokit
7. Oxfam (My favourites are in and around Westbourne Grove, South Kensington, High Street Kensington, Notting Hill, Islington, Stoke Newington, Peckham, and if you fancy a day trip, Bath, Frome and surrounding areas).
8. Mercy In Action
9. British Heart Foundation
10. Scope
11. Cancer Research
12. Mary's Living & Giving
13. British Red Cross
14. Fara Charity Shop
15. Traid

Monthly Essentials ~ July 2018

Monthly Essentialsdanielle coppermanComment

Here for a good time, not a long time, I'm obsessed with Neoss Pop-up store in Stoke Newington. Head there immediately if you're sustainable style inclined.

This Linen Duvet Cover Set in Terracotta; for the dreamiest of dreams.

Loooving the linen items on Free People. This and this.

This linen bathrobe is just the best. I've even been known to wear mine out in public, several times on holiday, and then once to the corner shop back home in London, which didn't go so unnoticed. Get one to match your bed covers above, or choose from their other lovely colours.

Want these knitted loungewear pants in my life asap.

I've always been interested in intermittent fasting, but have quickly lost interest scanning through so march jargon and always return to myths like 'breakfast is the most important meal of the day' and 'if you don't eat regularly or enough, your body will think it's being starved and will start storing more fat'. These are lies. This article and this article have really inspired me on a deeper level; one where I truly understand the benefits of fasting and how to do it. I'm currently on day 3 of an intermittent fasting regime, where I fast for 16 hours and eat only within an 8 hour window. So far, it's enhanced my concentration, reduced bloating and digestive discomfort, reduced sluggish feelings or feelings of fullness or heaviness, and I feel lighter and more energised. I don't want to advocate not eating, but I would highly recommend intermittent fasting not just to become leaner physically, but for all kinds of other benefits that come with it. Do plenty of research and try a schedule that works for you.


This is the first stop I'm gonna make next time I visit my boyfriend in Sweden. Adornment Studio in Stockholm is inspired by the vintage legacy, with sustainability and quality at the forefront of what they do. The garments from their own label are made from leftover fabrics collected from well-known Italian fashion houses to ensure sustainable and high-quality creations, and reduce waste.

A question I get asked a lot, this mascara and this mascara are my current faves.

The search for a good all-natural deodorant is never ending, am I right? But I have come one step closer having discovered Madara's Organic Herbal Deodorant. It smells amazing, it's light to wear and not at all greasy or sticky like some natural deodorant sticks I've tried in the past and its better for your health and the earth. 

A good little marketplace for the ethical consumer.

Not like any of us need any more possessions, but 20% off on Monday in case you really just do.

Ayurvedic skincare is something I think everyone should invest in. Finding out more about yourself on a deeper level than just mental and physical, Ayurveda invites you to really tune in and ask bigger questions, to really get to know yourself and accept your characteristics. So often, we don't address our thoughts or emotions, or don't indulge them by acting on them, and we rarely really embrace certain traits of our personalities unless they are socially accepted. It's like we hide our true feelings and opinions from others so much that we hide them from ourselves, but when you can embrace them and understand them and accept them, you come to love yourself so much more just the way you are. Ayurveda explores all aspects of your body, mind and spirit, including your skin. I am a predominantly Vata, and although I don't always stick to a vata-pacifying diet, I love the idea of skincare designed for specific types.

Throughout July, I signed up to P.volve's free trial of online workouts. It was amazing. I am really hard at self-motivating myself to do cardio, so unless I'm in a class it doesn't really get done. P.volve's online videos thankfully are not cardio-heavy. Instead, they focus on really small and specific movements, most of which are done slowly and controlled for maximum burn and benefits. This is a really unique workout, guiding you to use muscles you never would have known about. You do need some specific P.volve. equipment in some videos, but I got on fine with just a selection of hand weights and resistance bands. You gotta start somewhere.

One of my faves, Lacy Philips, has launched a podcast. Over an hour each time of inspiring, authentic discussions and really valuable insights and advice on a variety of topics we can all relate to.

This is next on my reading list.

This face mask works like a charm. 100% natural and nontoxic, free from GMO, fillers, artificial colours, fragrances and other synthetic chemicals, the gel-like mask glides onto skin and develops into a film-like texture before it's time to cleanse it off with warm water. My skin felt smoother and softer overnight, and completely balanced a few oil-prone areas before they manifested into full-blown blemishes.

Almighty Foods' nut butters are so over the top it's insane, but in the best possible ways. They add coconut sugar and other natural flavourings to their stoneground nut butters, and once you get that teaspoon in and out the jar once, its hard to know when to stop. Or, it's easy to know, but even easier to ignore it and carry on anyway. I love their Toffee Almond straight from the jar or on banana as a little pick-me-up. For an instant energising drink, you could also dissolve it in coffee, hot water with cacao powder or warm nut milk.

Was recently recommended to watch this and one episode in I'm inspired in ready for more.

I did my first beach clean with a friend in Hastings this month and it was such a nice way to spend a Saturday. We were basically getting an all-over tan, spending quality time together and helping save the Ocean all at once. The Marine Conservation Society is a great platform to find a beach clean near you, and if there isn't one at your nearest beach or open water site, you can host your own. I'll be hosting one on September 8th, so watch this space.

Have you tried the tart yet?!

Re:Mind studio is so needed in this city. I had dreams of one day setting up a space of my own and this was pretty much how I imagined it. A place to go to be calm and slow, with a schedule of meditation, yin yoga, group reiki sessions, sound healing and other classes and events, Re:mind is such a wonderful place to go if you want to try something new but don't know where to begin or don't feel confident enough to begin your own personal practice without guidance. And, you don't have to be a member, you can just drop in to classes as and when you like, or schedule private sessions with some of their teachers. Unlimited herbal tea and a store front filled with some of the best eco-friendly / organic / sustainable brands on Earth, if not for a class, just go there for a breather.

Shooting with Rixo last week fed my obsession with their dresses, blouses and scarves. They've just dropped some brand new pieces fyi. Click on the images below browse and shop.

There's a new pop up in town and this ones all sustainable and ethical menswear and womenswear at its best.

This is one of my all time favourite candles.

This month I was working with Pam Pam on an exciting editorial project, and discovered they have some really nice sustainable brands, like this one.

Loving these handmade sunglasses.

I haven't stopped wearing or talking about PDPaola; my current jewellery obsession. I am a sucker for jewellery and prefer buying statement jewellery way more than statement clothing. I recently got a selection of earrings and rings from Pdpaola, and they are not only really unique in design but are such good quality for not outrageous prices. Their intention is to "create genuine and exclusive jewellery, completing the image of the contemporary women with elegance and character". The materials they work with go through strict quality checks and are carefully selected and contrasted, making each piece unique and different. "All our jewels are hand finished, from the polishing, to the set of each stone". You can literally feel the passion, care and devotion in each piece, and it feels amazing to wear.

H&M's homeware is really hitting it. Love this, this, this, this and this. Browse more here.

This is the best gluten free pasta you will ever experience. I adore linguine, so this has just knocked my former corn / rice / quinoa / buckwheat / lentil / pea pasta options completely out of the park.

A love a bulk-buy situation. Any store that has tubs to scoop from or tubes to dispense from makes me so happy. I love the freedom it gives you to select as much or as little of something as you need, and also the way it produces far less waste, and is often cheaper than buying packaged. I'll be visiting this place when I'm next in the area.

I recently visited the owner of The Collaborative Store in Marylebone. "A space to discover an edit of contemporary clothing, accessories, homeware, furniture and art for people who are curious about the story behind the pieces they buy". With a selection of sustainable / ethical fashion (both men's and women's), homeware and beauty products, it's a must for anyone wanting to find unique alternatives to the commercial, mass produced products of this world. Find them here and here.

Dying with desire for every. single. swimsuit this sustainable brand has to offer. "With a focus on Scandinavian simplicity & a responsibility to look after the environment, all OHOY products are produced from plastic and fishing nets collected from the ocean and recycled into luxurious Italian fabric.  We don't believe in swimwear seasons, we believe in adventures around the year". Just, yesssssss.

I've always been intrigued by Human Design, and really for me, so many different theories influence how I live my life. Human Design is one of them. As will anything like this, I don't take things word for word or too literally, but I do find really incredible input and interesting ideas for analysing and understanding my own body, mind and spirit. 

This place looks amazing and I'm looking forward to booking into one of their events soon. You should too. They have some inspiring things going on. Same goes for this place.

If you missed the print copies of our Well Being & Other Stories Zine, the good news is that until we produce another print run, you can download a digital version, here

I recently posted about a sisal sponge, which is a body sponge made from agave plant fibres. The insides are usually synthetic, but I love using sisal as a it's an incredible exfoliator. Here's one with wooden handle and one without.

I've been searching for this since I tried them a few years ago in Sweden. Summer purslane is a super light and refreshing, crisp leaf to add to salads. I've just bought some seeds to grow my own before summer is out, but also found it in my local fruit and vegetable store last week, so keep an eye out. It's seriously tasty.

All I had was a smoothie but I can't wait to return to this place, the menu looks all me.

Natural / organic / sustainable haircare is the hardest to find. Here's something for ya!

I don't want to drink out of anything else.

Girl Undiscovered superfood face mask. Uhhh, there are too many amazing beauty brands and not enough time.

Planning on trying these soon. "Only what you need, nothing you don't". A brand redefining the way we supplement, and making it simpler and more natural.

Want this little two-piece? Me tooooo.

Something new to try.

It took me long enough to get a Keep Cup. I previously used a bamboo reuseable takeaway cup, but it wasn't airtight or spill proof. I designed my own, which happens to be exactly the same as this one. You can customise the colour of the band, lid and lid plug, here.

Austin Austin Certified Organic skin and haircare is even cooler than it looks. It is actually legit, unlike most things with nice packaging. A family business, all products are produced in East Anglia and tested only on people. Their bottles are made from 100% recycled material and their boxes from FSC accredited sustainably managed forests. All of the packaging used is recyclable. Austin Austin products are all vegan (apart from their body cream which uses a small amount of beeswax) and they do not contain any GM ingredients, SLS, silicones, parabens, mineral oils, artificial colours or fragrances. Need I say any more? Oh actually, they also smell incredible. So pure and natural, which emphasises the quality of the ingredients in case you didn't quite believe it.

MiH Jeans teamed up with Bay Garnett to curate a vintage inspired collection. It's everything.

Dangerously addicted. Although I'm not 100% vegan, I avoid dairy pretty much all the time mainly as it affects my skin. Vegan cheese always seemed like a weird and unappetising concept, but this vegan cheese is not messing around. I would die happily now if i never ate real cheese again.

Some summertime tips from Lacy & Lila @ Free a& Native.

I've been trying out this Anti-Pollution CC cream and would recommend to anyone looking to move away from artificial make up products. It's scientifically proven to completely shield the skin from urban toxins. Okurrrrr.

Love love loving Twelve's London Mask. Made with incredible natural ingredients, The founder says: “Rather unusually, I choose to hand-blend The London Mask myself. It takes a lot of work, but it is essential, because it allows me to ensure that the skin benefits from purifying benefits of the natural clays, without any of the unpleasant associated concerns e.g. dryness, dehydration, tightening, cracking. The thoughtful, time-consuming nature of the process means that I can make only 50 jars a month – but if I had to mix all of the ingredients in a blending machine, the clays would quickly absorb and ‘trap’ all the soothing oils and active molecules, and would then no longer work effectively. I love this mask because it’s a beautiful and highly effective example of how you can work with nature to produce something utterly extraordinary, or choose to work against it, and then lose much of its natural magic". The London Mask instantly clears, cleanses and balances my skin, it's truly special.

These earrings and these earrings.

Me and most of my school friends at the moment are completing the first full quarter of life. There is such thing as a quarter life crisis and turns out we are all approaching it, worrying more, wanting to make big changes and just generally feeling a little stuck. There's a lot going on at this stage in life, not just things we're doing or dealing with but the stars and planets are aligning and returning and all sorts. It's a powerful and transformational time. If you're struggling with clarity or feeling ungrounded and anxious, consider this.

Ethical manufacturing, natural dyes, 1% for the planet, organic and eco-friendly yoga wear made in limited batches for limited waste. Love it @VegeThreads.

Mercury is in Retrograde, y'all. This will explain a thing or two that you've been going through.

Innermost vegan protein powder; the health one.

My girl Holly of The Acey has just opened shop in East London. Go go go.

Recently re-watched this. It really is a must see.

You're a lot more creative than you think.

We are all energy, vibrating at our own unique frequencies. If we could all tap into ourselves and increase our energetic frequency, imagine this place!

These all-natural, vegan, dairy free, sugar free ice lollies. Produced with environmentally friendly production processes, too.

Sunless tanning  🙌

Loli: Living Organic Loving Ingredients, make pure and potent superfood beauty products using food-grade ingredients your body recognises and really requires. "Peel back a beauty label far enough, and you’ll see that it’s lost its connection to what really nourishes us – food – and in its place is a blend of 95% water, preservatives and synthetics. We use organic, wild-harvested ingredients that are raw, fair trade, non-GMO and up-cycled from food for zero waste. I believe that when you blend food to make beauty, you make more of yourself. It’s powerful alchemy". I'm currently trying a few of their products and the whole ritual of making your own blends is really fun and fascinating.

Recycle your clothes easily if you don't have time to get to a charity shop.

Some seriously technical activewear going on over here.

This will upgrade your summer drink of choice like nothing else will. Literally. The drink I've been making this summer is simply a mix of sparkling water, a little Grey Goose Vodka or another spirit of choice, a splash of St Germain, ice and lemon, lime or fresh herbs. 

I've lived about 20 minutes from this place for about 6 years and never discovered it. Ummmm.

Currently Wearing

April Essentials ~ 2018

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Eco-friendly, biodegradable, plant-based phone cases, made from starch-based biopolymer, recycled materials and flax shive. And this bamboo phone case is also renewable and for each case bought the company plant a new tree. All shipped in plastic free packaging too 💯

Lily of The Detox Kitchen just released a new book, an homage to vegetables.

This app. I'm planning to start using it to recycle old or unwanted clothes that I don't have time to eBay or Depop, or that just aren't worth much anymore. 

My favourite smoothie just had an upgrade. I tend to make some variation of a banana, nut butter, spinach, innermost vegan protein, maca, rhodiola, ashwaganda, ice and a pinch of himalayan pink salt most days before or after a workout. Last month I got my hands on a batch of The Well Co's Super Elixir, and have been adding it to my daily smoothies, or stirring it into a glass of water if short of time. Hands down my favourite greens powder. Much lighter, more tasty and less earthy than the others I've tried.

A friend just introduced me to the idea of using one of these for lose leaf tea. 

Last week, I visited Santorini for the first time. It instantly became one of my favourite places, with its unique and effortlessly chic architecture, warm weather, beautiful views, black beaches and friendly locals, to name just a few pros. We stayed at the Santo Maris in Oia; an idyllic resort perched at the top edge of the island, with beautiful architechture, a spa, a buffet of fresh, local produce, 4 private pools and the best sunset watching spot on the island.

These swim pants.

Obsessed and can't wait for my next chance to wear mine.

This Artisan Artifacts ceramic pitcher with driftwood and cane handle. 

Rediscovered this song which was on my first ever ipod. Listening to the words properly now, it really resonates deeply and stands as a reminder to live fully and evade 'the system'.

This LNDR sports bra and shorts set doubles up as a swim suit. That means you can transition straight out of your workout into the ocean / pool.

Currently addicted to Equinox. Last week I joined their flagship gym in Kensington and have been navigating their huge selection of apparatus and other facilities every since. I also tried their WORKX class - a combination of treadmill intervals and weight work - which almost killed me. Full blog post to follow shortly.

Last week someone on Instagram asked me how I found time to read. My answer was, I make time. I rarely succeed, but recently I have become more conscious of taking time to do not only something for myself, not only something relaxing and meditative, but also something nourishing for the mind, brain and soul. Learning is expanding, and even if you prefer fiction to factual, reading stands as an (if only momentary) escape from the stresses of modern life. Do it! And if you're into spirituality, holistic teachings and traditions and the power to heal, I'd highly recommend this already and I'm only just past the preface.

Time to take a holiday and stop feeling bad for it.

Just finished reading 'The Power of Now' by Eckhart Tolle which I bought years ago and have only just gotten around to opening. Highly recommend it for anyone intrigued by or already embarking on a more spiritually influenced journey.

Finally got to wear this incredible swimsuit.

Mango Committed. Nice to finally see some high street / mainstream brands making small conscious changes. Hopefully it will help educate the masses about the ramifications of fast fashion, and evolve to make up the majority of their collections in the not too far future.

The Mind Body Green podcast; most recently enjoyed their episode The Biggest Myths About Gut Health with Dr Vincent Pedre.

Have loves incorporating Wild Nutrition supplements into my daily routines. Their Premenstrual complex is incredible for reducing PMS, and I've also been taking Magnesium to help sleep whilst travelling as well as Ashwaganda for general stress and tension reduction. 

I almost can't wait for some rain so I can wear these Ilse Jacobsen boots.

Living in these Zara jeans.

New natural beauty find.

My mum sent my sisters and I this a few weeks ago. Cheesy but thought provoking. Moral of the story: don't work your life away.

Since my agency decided I look much better with a tan, I've been working my way through some self tanning products; some more natural / organic or ethical than others. If you want a pre holiday glow, I've most enjoyed Tan Luxe / Espa / James Read Tanning Mist, so far.