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November Essentials (2016)

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Life is a journey and one to embark upon with awe, wonder, excitement, curiosity, anticipation and intrigue, amongst many other things. Living with a sense of awe and wonder is a magical and enriching way to live, and the more curious you are, the more incredible experiences you will attract and the more wonder you will find in even the least wonderful things. It's an amazing way move through life. The more we notice and discover, the more we have to share with others. And in sharing the wonders of our own experiences with others, I like to think we'll add something valuable and unique to their experince too. Things and experiences come into your life in the same way people do, and there is nothing like timing to bring these things together, conincidentally or not. Never stop being curious. And never stop sharing your story. In case the time is right and you're looking for something I may have, I'm sharing a few special and meaningful discoveries (and rediscoveries) that have found a way into (and back into) my life this week.


Put simply, Strala Yoga is yoga for everyone. Founded by Tara Stiles in response to the lack of approachable teachings and techniques, Strala focuses on using breath, ease and simplicity to guide each individual toward a personal yogic experience that feels good for them. With free videos online, Strala is about knocking down boundaries and encouraging anyone, anywhere, to discover their own personal way to practice yoga sequences. It's a non-exclusive, non-elitist, non-branded and non-businessy organisation aimed at teaching yoga as simply as it was initially intended to be.


Wise words by Burgs, Energy Fields and Modern Technology:
P1: https://open.spotify.com/track/1JirpFWdmbbgO1e46mlhlK
P2: https://open.spotify.com/track/0mwiXotHiwfoZZ2Z8nRCKW




Daluma is a calm and cosy eatery offering juices, mylks, smoothies, breakfast bowls, wholesome lunch options, dinner options and desserts in a non-exclusive way. You don't have to be an avid green juicer, you don't have to be vegan, you don't even have to be hungry. Just go, curl up in one of their cushioned window spots and chill, work or people watch with a functional beverageif nothing else (although a bowl of buckwheat porridge and cacao smoothie is advised).


My Goodness Berlin is a welcoming little food bar tucked inside BeCycle - a fitness destination focussed around spinning I think, as the name suggests, although I was too hungry and uninterested in spinning to investigate fully. What I did investigate was the menu, and more specifically the kale smoothie bowl, the coconut cacao hot chocolate and the raw snickers energy ball. They offer a range of smoothies, smoothie bowls, birchers, chia seed puddings, energy balls, hot drinks, juices and shots - perfect for people avoiding processed foods and more specifically gluten, dairy and refined sugar, whilst on the go.


An entire building devoted to veganism, but not in a forceful way. Downstairs, Goodies is a pitstop style cafe offering smoothies, hot drinks and grab-and-go vegan salads and baked goods. Veganz is located on the same floor and is a small supermarket selling vegan, organic and sustainable food goods. And upstairs is where the real magic happens. The Bowl is a 'clean eating' (for want of a better phrase) restaurant specialising in plant based, high vibe dishes. Their bowls are gluten, grain and dairy free, but they also emphasise that a healthy and sustainable lifestyle goes beyond just what you eat and is about making concious lifestyle choices on all levels. Their main aim other than to serve delicious food is to encourage people to live simply, healthily and full of energy by becoming connected with the ingredients of the Earth. I went with a couple of girls from my training group for a late night mug of Macao (hot cacao, maca, almond milk and coconut nectar) and we're going back tomorrow for an actual bowl, or three. Watch my stories for updates.


Vegan and gluten free crepes, pancakes, burgers and mac & cheese. I'm not strictly vegan but this place is enough to convert me. And it's named after a bad ass mantra, if mantra's can be bad ass.


One evening last week I stopped by Soho House on my way home hoping there would be a sauna and / or steam room on site (it's arctic outside at this point). And did they? Did they hell. I spent the evening sweating and spaced out in a huge communal hammam room, dipping in and out of the steam room, the sauna and a quiet room which is basically just towelled beds sponsored by unlimited infused water and magazines. If you're not a member, you can visit with a member or as a spa guest and I really suggest you do.


I recently recieved a delivery from STOW London - a luxury brand specialising in leather luggage. Alongside their jewellery box (which is now an essential for all of my trips) was a monogrammed leather travel pouch which now comes everywhere with me. It's predominantly see-through making it perfect for travel documents and passports. It keeps me organised throughout the journey and once at my destination is a caddy for my day-to-day essentials, such as bank cards, keys, lip balm and headphones, amongst other things.


The only suitcase I will ever own from now on. Not because they have a lifelong guarantee but because they are purely genius.


This month I returned to Asos HQ where I spent most of my early days as a model, to record an episode for their podcast My Big Idea. Search My Big Idea in iTunes or other podcast hosting sites and apps to listen to my start up story and some snippets of advice. I hope it will inspire anyone embarking on their own start up journey or considering a change of career, and if it doesn't, leave a comment on this post if you have any other questions.


Our newest blend of Qnola is a seasonal Winter Edition inspired by Snickers, made with juicy raisins, himalayan pink salted peanuts and powerful adaptogens such as he shou wu and maca. It is almost sold out so get involved fast!


At Qnola, we believe that Waking Up Well depends on more than just what you eat for breakfast, which is why this month I've launched Qnola Life - our intentional range of functional lifestyle products focused around bringing balance to your beauty and home rituals. With skincare products, aromatherapy products and homeware, our aim is to offer a range of products which compliment our selection of breakfast goods and are in keeping with our mindful morals and philosophies.

Our candles are carefully considered and formulated with specific intentions. Our Wake Up Well Candle releases energising yet calming aromas proven to support concentration, metabolism and encourage a sense of clarity. These products are made from powerful, organic and sustainable plant sources and essential herbal oils and are free from chemicals, parabens, paraffin and other unnatural fillers, making them skin-safe and suitable for your beauty regime. They can be used as aromatherapy candles to clear energy in the home, as moisturiser for the hands, face and body, as a natural deodorant, as fragrance oil, as a natural body scent and even as a massage oil to use on yourself or on others.


Rediscovered an old favourite https://open.spotify.com/artist/25mrbNwFzoqPWyYXLhiDRw. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WB4dAdPu_lg&list=PL7F8DE2C1B876D5FA.
Start with Orange Sky, Breathe, Towards The Sun and Song For You.


Whilst away from home, I took the opportunity to write a few letters. One was sent to my distant boyfriend, inside a Danke card. Some went to my family. And one will be folded many times and tucked into a concealed corner of an S Bahn station or another public place for my best friend Martha to discover when she visits the city next month. There's something so therapeutic about writing, and something so meaningful and heart-opening about putting actual words together for someone with a pen and paper, not thumbs, fingers and a glass screen.



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In 2014, I designed an unusal granola recipe made using quinoa instead of oats. For the weeks that followed, I continued to make this then-called 'Quinola' at home on my days off from modelling, to enjoy as a quick and easy breakfast as I ran out the door for early shoots or as a snack, fitted in my bag to keep me going during long days of castings, go sees and meetings. A few days ago, Qnola was launched in Waitrose stores across the country. I don't know how I got here, or how I did any of the things I did along the way. I just know that I did them, and now I am here. The bestselling flavours Almond + Vanilla and Beetroot + Pistachio are now officially stocked in 23 stores Nationwide (see our stockist map for full list of locations).

Almost two years ago, when I first changed my diet and stopped eating wheat, gluten, grains, dairy, hydrogenated fats and refined sugars, I needed a quick and effortless yet nourishing breakfast option that wasn't - like conventional cereals - basically just a flapjack broken into small pieces. Granola, despite its healthy image and the extent to which it is advertised and promoted as healthy, is in reality outrageously high in sugar, and even if these sugars are natural, your body will still register them and respond to them in a similar way to how it would respond to refined sugars. It is the quantity of sugar that you need to be careful of. On top of this, some granola's are made with butter, margerine or hydroginated fats, chemicals, preservatives, flavourings, colourings and other additives. The nuts and seeds involved are what often fool people into thinking granola is an innocent and virtuous breakfast and snack choice. And because I thought it was healthy, I used to eat it for breakfast, as a snack, and sometimes instead of or after dinner. When you think something is healthy, the amount of it that you allow yourself to consume can quickly become unhealthy.

Qnola is a range of nutritionally charged quinoa based breakfast goods, free from gluten, grains, dairy and refined sugar. With only 8g of sugar per 100g it is currently lower in sugar than any other granola company on the market, and most of these sugars come from the carbohydrate content, rather than solely the organic coconut palm sugar. The products are filling, yet light, sweet, yet very subtly, high in healthy fats, protein and fiber, and made by hand in the UK with pure superfood flavourings you won't find in many other cereal products.

.   .   .

To celebrate the launch we are running our first ever Shelfie campaign. To get involved, all you have to do is head to the nearest Waitrose store that is stocked with Qnola, take a shelfie either with the products or of the products on the shelf, tag @qnolauk and include our hashtags #wakeupwell and #qnolashelfie so we don't miss your submissions. Winners will recieve a luxury breakfast hampers worth over £100. Inside, you'll find our favourite products designed to help you Wake Up Well, from our Summer edition Qnola, Nut Blend Nut Butter, Pukka Herbs Tea, The Pressery Almond Milk and Four Sigma Mushroom Coffee to Neal's Yard Defence Oil, Ren Skincare, a Qnola Wake Up Well Eye Mask, an item of Luxury Sportswear and spiritually charged jewellery. We'll be selecting two winners at the beginning of September, so make sure you submit your posts via instagram and / or twitter before August 31st.

If there is a Waitrose store near you which isn't listed on our current stockist list, please email hithere@qnola.co.uk with the name of your town or city as the subject title and we will make it happen!


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Its not always easy to find time for a good breakfast, despite the pressures of making it the most important meal of the day. I find preparing things the night - or a few days - before to store in the fridge, always, always helps. Even something as simple as finishing off saving that leftover quinoa or chopping your smoothie or juice ingredients before you go to sleep so you can just throw everything together in the morning. Step one - and the most important step - to achieve morning meal success is to have the right ingredients to work with. Step two is to plan and organise in advance. It's hard enough for some people to turn their alarm clocks to 'snooze', let alone cook some eggs or prepare a bowl of porridge. 

P R E P A R A T I O N   T I P S

.  Save your leftovers. Even things like chicken or fish, as, although it may seem weird at first to swap your cereal for some meat, these are plain, additive-free protein options which will energise you without spiking your blood sugar levels or making you feel bloated. And if you really can't stomach a rerun of your dinner at 7am, pack it into a tuppaware and take it with you for lunch. Either way, you'll be ahead.

. Chop your fruits and vegetables. If you are planning to make a smoothie for your breakfast or as an out-the-door snack, work with whatever ingredients you have in the house, and decide your combination the night before. Chop your fresh ingredients and store them together in the fridge in a tuppaware, overnight. The next morning all you will have to do is fill your blender, measure out your liquids and hit the power switch.

. Juice. Again, prepare your ingredients the night before, or better yet, juice them the night before, and store the juice in the fridge overnight. You can then grab a glass or your bottle and enjoy an instant nutrient hit of concentrated goodness. You will hardly even need to think about digesting it. Your sleepy body will thank you for waking it up gently, and brilliantly.

. Freeze your fruits and veggies. If a juice doesn't quite fulfil your fast-breaking desires in the morning, something a little more filling like a smoothie or a smoothie bowl will work it's magic on you. I personally prefer freezing my ingredients in order to get a thicker result, a smoother result and a more refreshing result. Berries, banana, avocado and mango are easy to freeze and make an ideal consistency when blended with liquid. Once you've tried using frozen fruits, a fresh fruit smoothie will never satisfy you enough. Added bonus: you can always rely on your freezer to have good smoothie ingredients in the house, and you don't have to worry about anything going off either.

. Boiled eggs. Although scrambled eggs and poached eggs are so much more delicious, boiled eggs are far easier, and you can have them cooking themselves whilst you finish some work, evening chores or better, your favourite movie. Let them cool and peel away the shells later in the evening or leave them to cool in the fridge overnight. You can then enjoy them for breakfast or chop them and add the to a salad.

. Soak. Soak ingredients like quinoa, chia seeds, linseeds or nuts overnight. You can then either add these to smoothies, make a chia seed pudding, or a nut cream or pudding - high in protein and high in flavour. If you have more time, you can cook your quinoa or oats in the morning and their nutrients will be far more attainable. This process also removes the level of phytic acid in the nuts too.

. Make a trail mix. If you don't have time to sit down and concentrate on a proper meal in the morning, make your own trail mixes. This is a great way to clear your pantry or cupboards. Mix together any combination of dried nuts, seeds, toasted coconut flakes, dried fruit (keep this as low gi as possible and ensure there is no added sugar), cacao nibs and superfood powders. Mix together and store in a sandwich bag, a jar or a tuppaware container and enjoy in the morning, during your commute to work or as a snack later on.


The main priorities for a genuinely helpful morning meal are protein, fibre, nutrients and as little sugar as possible. I try to keep away from fruit entirely in the mornings, but you can use banana or mango to sweeten your smoothies, nut milks or chia seed puddings if you need something a little sweeter. Nuts, quinoa, vegetables, meat, fish, seeds and superfood powders are good sources of all of these things.

M E A L S   T O   R O T  A T E

. Improvised cupboard-cleaning trail mixes
. Scrambled or Poached Eggs with Smoked Salmon/Avocado/Raw or Sautéed Spinach/Tomatoes/Sweet Potato/Nuts/Seeds
. Smoothies
. Juices
. Chia Seed Puddings (Chia seeds soaked in nut milk or nut cream and flavoured with things like cinnamon, vanilla, coconut nectar, banana, mango, passionfruit, maca and other superfoods)
. Porridge (oats, buckwheat flakes or quinoa flakes)
. Warm Quinoa Porridge / Pudding
. Avocado on Gluten Free Toast or Crackers
. Qnola
. Smoothie Bowls
. Nut Yoghurts / Puddings
. Salmon Fillet or Cold Chicken
. Fresh Berries with Nut Milk, Nut Cream or Coconut Yoghurt

I N G R E D I E N T S   T O   S T O R E

. Avocado
. Nut Milks or Nuts to soak, to make your own milk
. Filtered water
. Coconut Water
. Frozen Berries
. Eggs
. Smoked salmon
. Nut butter
. Greens like spinach, kale, cucumber and celery
. Superfood powders (Maca, Cacao, Lucuma, Moringa, Wheatgrass, Spirulina ...)
. Gluten free or homemade nut and seed bread
. Chia seeds
. Dried Nuts or Fruits like dates and goji berries
. Quinoa
. Buckwheat Flakes
. Qnola
. Sugar free / Homemade granola

Keeping your cupboards stocked with these useful ingredients will make it so, so easy for you to throw something together and create something new and exciting. It may also help to cleanse your cupboards too - by this I mean getting rid of any bad products/ingredients that you might be tempted by. 

Stay involved and share your creations on twitter or instagram, using the hashtag #WAKEUPWELL. Keep track of your own successful inventions, inspire others and make waking up well, well easy.