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As I sit and write this in the Bath countryside in which I grew up, I feel content. And - whilst I'm at it - I feel wildly grateful. I'm letting it be. Whatever it is. Sure, there are things I would change - like being able to tan the lower half of my left arm instead of sitting uncomfortably with it in a cast, in which it is gradually overheating. But you know what? That's all part of the plan. Being one arm less recently has, again, made me feel grateful. Not only for being blessed with two arms usually, but also for the people around me who've constantly been there to (laugh at and graffiti me) support me. They're good guys, really.

With all of my belongings sat in boxes in my parents garage, in the past 2 months I've learned that I feel most free and most grateful without any of them. It's funny how little you need, and how simple and uncluttered life becomes when you remove everything you've spent you're life collecting. You begin to appreciate anything you do have, which is pretty much where the whole idea of mindfulness comes from. Instead of focussing on what you don't have, what you want and what you wish for, you focus on what you do have, and over time none of the other stuff matters. 

Anyway, what have strawberry tops got to do with this? Making the most of things, and appreciating the less significant things in life, that's wot. We all love a good strawberry, especially this time of year. But we are all too quick to dispose of the leafy greens that sit beautifully on top of them. I know. There is no need for them, and no one has any desire to eat that part. I know. But this doesn't mean they can't serve a purpose other than satisfying our tastebuds. They really can. You'll also notice how much of the actual strawberry you waste by beheading them. There is perfectly juicy, flavoursome flesh going to waste here. It's really not on.

Here's what to do:

+ Freeze your strawberry tops and use them as ice cubes
+ Freeze your strawberry tops and add them to your smoothies - the greens on them are just as edible as the greens you are used to. Make sure the strawberries are organic, and make sure you have washed them well.
+ Use your strawberry tops to infuse a glass or jug of water, or add them to your water bottle
+ Barbecue or grill your strawberry tops and top them with nut butter for a warm snack. If you don't want to eat the green leaves, they will fall apart from the strawberry flesh with ease as they become more tender during the cooking process.
+ Use them as decorations to top cakes, scones, cookies or cupcakes
+ Mash your strawberry tops in with whole berries to use if you are making Eton Mess. Make sure the strawberries are organic, and make sure you have washed them well.
+ Add them to soups to thicken the texture and also to add a little sweetness. I imagine this would work well in tomato, carrot, sweet potato, squash, spinach or broccoli based soups. Make sure the strawberries are organic, and make sure you have washed them well.