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Well Being with Friends ~ Josefina A. Theo of Casa Raki

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In my latest Well Being With Friends conversation, I chat to Josefina A. Theo - founder beautiful sustainable swimwear brand Casa Raki. I picked up some new insights in the world of sustainable fashion and manufacturing, along with other stories and suggestions for daily life and balanced wellbeing. From recent reads and favourite wellness apps, to travel memoirs and mantras to live by, I hope you discover a selection of new things to try and to apply to your own lifestyle, to assist and support your journey of self-development and prosperity.

Favourite or recently discovered Book:

Tokyo Blues by Haruki Murakami (English version)

Top wellness tip(s):

Do yoga every day!

Favourite or recently discovered Podcast:

I'm pretty old-school and still haven't gotten my head around to podcasts, yet.

Favourite or recently discovered App:

Vivino for wine ratings and reviews.

Favourite or recently discovered wellness guru, personality or website:

I’m a recent Goop convert, and love their amazing wellness tips.

Favourite or recently discovered Song:

Contra la Pared by J Balvin / Sean Paul.

Favourite or recently adopted daily ritual or habit:

Swapping coffee for decaf coffee.

Sustainable / eco beauty - your favourite beauty rituals and ingredients or products for good skin?

Gazelli Skincare.It's amazing.

Favourite or recently discovered Film / series / documentary:

Quicksand on Netflix

Something you've done recently where you felt super present, content and grateful:

A picnic I had last weekend with my best friends at the top of Col de Vence, the most beautiful natural setting, with the best company and the best food and wine. I felt very grateful for life in that moment.

If we were to try just one thing for our wellbeing, what would be your one tip:

Yoga changed my life, I would honestly recommend practicing it regularly, It's not only great for the mind, but it's a game changer for the body as well.

Favourite or recently discovered sustainable fashion brand:

I would say my own as I'm the biggest fan of our mission, but If I had to pick another one it would be Patagonia. They've been championing sustainability for almost over 50 years and are way ahead of the curve. They should be an inspiration to all sustainable brands starting out today.

Favourite pieces from that brand:

Weirdly I would say their wetsuits, they are amazing quality and they last a lifetime. I grew up surfing in them Punta Del Este.

What are your core values when it comes to sustainability and sustainable business and fashion? What are the key practices within Casa Raki and why do you do what you do? How do you evolve the business ethically whilst keeping up with trends and larger more commercial brands?

As a business we try to be as sustainable as we possibly can. We always pick a sustainable option for our production if there is one available. It is challenging for a young business to do, as recycled materials, organic cottons, etc are usually more expensive than the ordinary options but the options are readily available and of equal if not better quality. I don’t just want aspects of the company to be sustainable, that is no longer enough. I want the whole company to be sustainable; from our fabrics, supply chains to the way we treat our workers while passing on a fair price and wonderful product to the end consumer. I decided against trends because I believe it encourages an unsustainable consumer behaviour, so we are going against the grain with reasonless, timeless styles that are not trend-driven.

Favourite or recently visited country or city:

My favourite country of all time is Brazil. I would highly recommend everyone to go and explore the north of the country, especially. There are some amazing natural hidden gems and I am constantly finding inspiration for the new collections there.

A story from your favourite or recent travels:

Swimming with sharks on our honeymoon! So scary but exhilarating!

Favourite or recently discovered wellness product or tool:

Jade Roller, a bit late to the party, but wow what a great gadget!?

Favourite piece of advice, quote or mantra:

Take it easy and don't be too hard on yourself! My mother keeps repeating this to me weekly.

Your favourite remedies for illness:

My sisters tip: raw garlic! It's incredibly healing.

Tips for better sleep:

Eye masks! I’m a recent convert.

Favourite or recently discovered place or person for ultimate chill:

The Rectory Hotel in England; a lovely place for a city escape.

Favourite or recently discovered healer:

Acupuncture is awesome, I recently discovered it and it has helped a lot with anxiety and stress for me.

Favourite or recently discovered wellness cafe, restaurant or store:

Milk Beach in Queens Park.

Favourite healthy food or drink:

My old time favourite, Acai.

Advice for that work / life balance:

Switch off as soon as you come home, leave your phone and computer in your bag.

Business advice for business owners, self employed or anyone keen to start their own business:

Never give up! There's a lot of obstacles on the way, but don't let them bring you down. And always have a solid business plan in place first. Unfortunately, good design is not always enough to keep a business stable.

Favourite thing for instantly reducing stress:

Take three. deep. breaths.

Spiritual practise:


First thing you do every morning:


Last thing you do every evening:

Read a book.

Weekend rituals:

Walking our dog in the park.

Complete this sentence. What works most for me is:

Doing a lot of Yoga weekly and enjoying being present. Spending as much time as I can with all my close friends and family who make me happy every day just by being there.

Sustainable Swaps to Live More Consciously ~ for The Welle Co

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Sustainability is a hot topic right now. It’s no secret that human behaviour is taking its toll on the earth and people can no longer deny that the way we act (and more specifically, consume) is unsustainable.

Modern life has progressed so much and whilst we now have more than ever, we also seem to want more than ever, too. We crave more and more possessions, newer and newer things… when in actuality, basic human needs are really very little. As a result of recent warnings, such as the amount of plastic in the ocean equating to more than the amount of fish come 2050 (yikes!), I’m on an ongoing journey of overhauling my lifestyle to make it more sustainable.

I know first-hand that it can seem quite intimidating to know where to start when it comes to making impactful changes. But there are so many things you can do, some large and some small, so I’ve outlined a few of my favourite ‘harmful for helpful’ sustainable swaps below that will help you to reduce your consumption and in turn reduce waste, meaning you will have a much lighter impact on the planet this year.


Single use straws

Say NO to plastic straws! If you absolutely need to use a straw, opt for a paper or bamboo straw or a reusable straw made from glass, silicone, recycled (and reusable) plastic or wood. Luckily, many cafés and restaurants are now ditching the disposable straws for more sustainable options, so this swap is getting easier and easier to incorporate into your lifestyle. You could also buy your own and keep one in your bag ICOE.

Takeaway coffee cups

As much as we all love our coffee, the abundance of takeaway cups being tossed into landfill is absolutely killing the planet. Instead of using takeaway cups, invest in a good reusable option such as a Keep Cup, or a reusable glass, plastic or bamboo takeaway-style cup or flask. Your favourite coffee shop will gladly fill it for you.

Disposable cutlery

Say no to disposable, single-use plastic cutlery from cafés. Instead, invest in reusable bamboo cutlery – this is great because you can keep it in your bag at all times. Alternatively, just keep your standard metal cutlery in your bag (however in my opinion they’re a little heavier, louder and less convenient). This set is super handy and comes complete with straws, straw cleaners and a fabric wrap to keep them together and clean.

Standard cotton buds

Swap your standard, plastic stick cotton buds in favour of those made from bamboo, wood or paper, and ideally with organic cotton. As a bonus, the organic cotton is better for your ears as it contains less harmful dyes than the cotton from a standard cotton bud.

Disposable make up removal pads

Swap disposable, single-use cotton wool pads for reusable versions. You can find reusable cotton rounds, or bamboo options, or even make your own from old fabric. Alternatively, use a muslin cloth or flannel to remove make up (instead of going through loads of cotton pads which take a long time to biodegrade and can harm the environment in doing so). Also, buy in bulk, to save of shipping packaging and transportation miles.

Plastic toothbrushes

Swap your plastic toothbrushes for bamboo ones. If you have an electric brush that lasts for longer, don’t worry too much… but for those of you going through a new plastic toothbrush every month or so, swap to bamboo! You’ll be taking care of your teeth and the environment.

Harmful beauty products

Take a look into your make up bag… how many of your products use plastics, parabens, chemicals and other fillers that are harmful for your skin? Those hidden nasties not only clog your pores but also seriously harm the environment (by circulating in our water supplies). Instead, opt for natural beauty products and keep an eye out for brands with recyclable, biodegradable or refillable packaging.

Fast fashion

We’re all guilty of impulsively spending on a trend that we just had to have… but we could all stand to stop buying so much! Next time you fancy a shopping spree, why not head to a charity, thrift or vintage store or a flea market? You’ll find something more unique whilst also finding a new home for something that could otherwise end up in landfill.

Plastic shopping bags

Not only are plastic shopping bags terrible for our planet and wildlife, they’re relatively flimsy, too… so instead, use reusable tote bags or other fabric bags when shopping. You’ll feel good about making a small swap that helps the planet and you’ll fit more in your bags, too.

Bottled water­

Bottled water costs you a pretty penny and contributes greatly to landfill, with as much as 91% of plastic bottles not recycled. Instead, invest in a reusable water bottle. Reusable bottles also come with great features that disposable bottles can’t complete with (such as fruit infusers, thermos protection and filtration), so shop around and find a bottle that fits your needs.

Supermarket shelf sanitary products

For the women out there, you should really rethink your period management and collection methods. Tampons can be dangerous (TSS, anyone?) and surprisingly, even organic tampons are quite unnatural. During menstruation, your body is detoxing itself so it’s really important to ‘let it out’, so to speak. Moon Cups are the most eco-friendly form of feminine care, and they’re cheaper too! The average period cup can last you up to a decade and has the benefit of being leak-proof (bonus!), so­­­ you won’t have to stock up on sanitary supplies every month.

Inside My Apartment & My Sustainable Wardrobe ~ With What's Your Legacy

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Last month, I welcomed What’s Your Legacy into my apartment and let them nose around my room and delve into my wardrobe in search of the most ethical and sustainable pieces and to discover the stories behind them. We talked about my business, my book, my lifestyle and much more, and I showed them my favourite eco-friendly / second hand / vintage items, from jackets and dresses to bags and other accessories.

If you have any questions or comments, leave them below.

A Few Recent Natural Beauty Finds

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I try to keep most of my make up and skincare products as natural / organic / vegan / ethical as possible. admittedly, it’s not always possible, and some products are ‘better’ than others in terms of their virtuous efforts. Below is a selection of beauty products I’ve recently tried or discovered, and I hope it makes navigating the beauty scene a little easier and with a little more education and understanding. I found the majority of these products via Showcase Beauty - a site showcasing a selection of indie / luxury / natural / sustainable beauty brands, all in one place. Enjoy!

Further information, clockwise from top left:

La Montaña Galán de Noche Candle - Hand poured by artisan candlemakers and made from quality parrafin wax infused with natural essential oils.
Madara Oil-to-Milk Face Scrub - Gentle, oil-based organic face scrub.
Kure Nail Varnish in Cappuccino - Non-toxic, 85% natural ingredients and free from Formaldehyde, Dibutyl Phthalate, Synthetic Camphor, Tolune.
La Montaña Candle Gift Set - Hand poured by artisan candlemakers and made from quality parrafin wax infused with natural essential oils.
Studio 10 6-in-1 Mascara - Made with jojoba and argan oils; fragrance, alcohol and paraben free.
Jane Scrivner Peace Body Bath Oil - 100% natural products. jojoba oil, coconut oil and 1% grapeseed oil. essential oils of bay, benzoin, chamomile, eucalyptus, frankincense, lavender, myrrh, sweet orange and pettigrain.
Madara Peel Face Mask - Vegan friendly. Certified natural and organic.
D’Alba White Truffle Mist Serum - Contains pure white truffle, avocado and sunflower oil, as well as 7 Swiss Alpine plant extracts.
Evolve Superfood Serum - Packed with highly effective natural superfoods; partially organic.
Kure Nail Varnish in Parisienne - Non-toxic, 85% natural ingredients and free from Formaldehyde, Dibutyl Phthalate, Synthetic Camphor, Tolune.
Antonia Burrell in Facial in a Box - A 7 step treatment that enables you to experience the Antonia Burrell Face Lift Facial at home. 100% natural, organic brand.
MyRoo Superfood Balm - This fragrance-free multi-functional balm combines raspberry seed oil's anti-inflammatory properties with cucumber seed oil to protect and strengthen. Also contains cucumber, raspberry, mango, papaya, carrot, avocado and olive.
Swiss Clinic Pink Clay Mask - An innovative, mess-free clay mask, enriched with peptides and Argereline, that effectively detoxifies and softens your skin on the deep.
Evolve African Orange Aromatic Body Wash - Made with a base of organic shea and aloe vera, fragranced with warming blood orange and vanilla, with notes of spicy black pepper and cedar wood.
Connock Kukui Oil Wonder Balm - A nourishing multi-tasking balm that can be used just about anywhere skin needs a little TLC. Made with a nourishing blend of 100% natural ingredients - kukui oil, monoi, cocoa butter, mango butter and beeswax.

Reve en Vert REVTALK ~ What's The Deal with Organic Beauty?

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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

At Soho House Dean Street
76 Dean Street, London, W1D 3SQ

Photo credit: Content Beauty

Photo credit: Content Beauty

Rêve En Vert asks “what is the deal with “Organic Beauty?””. In their latest REV Talk, I will join them, along with 3 other panelists, to discuss the beauty industry’s new wave of natural skincare and cosmetics - exploring what’s actually inside them, whether they’re really better for you, and whether they provide the same results as their synthetic competitors.

Join me and Dominique Temple (Beauty Editor at The Telegraph), Millie Kendall (British Beauty Council) and Sjaniël Turrell (Holistic & Sustainable Celebrity Make-up Artist), on Oct 23rd, 8.30-9.30am. The talk will be followed by a short, complimentary but optional organic beauty workshop, ending at around 12pm.

+ This event is open to Soho House members only, however there are 2 complimentary tickets available to win. RSVP to info@revenvert.com if you are interested in attending but are not a member of Soho House.

Monthly Essentials ~ July 2018

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Here for a good time, not a long time, I'm obsessed with Neoss Pop-up store in Stoke Newington. Head there immediately if you're sustainable style inclined.

This Linen Duvet Cover Set in Terracotta; for the dreamiest of dreams.

Loooving the linen items on Free People. This and this.

This linen bathrobe is just the best. I've even been known to wear mine out in public, several times on holiday, and then once to the corner shop back home in London, which didn't go so unnoticed. Get one to match your bed covers above, or choose from their other lovely colours.

Want these knitted loungewear pants in my life asap.

I've always been interested in intermittent fasting, but have quickly lost interest scanning through so march jargon and always return to myths like 'breakfast is the most important meal of the day' and 'if you don't eat regularly or enough, your body will think it's being starved and will start storing more fat'. These are lies. This article and this article have really inspired me on a deeper level; one where I truly understand the benefits of fasting and how to do it. I'm currently on day 3 of an intermittent fasting regime, where I fast for 16 hours and eat only within an 8 hour window. So far, it's enhanced my concentration, reduced bloating and digestive discomfort, reduced sluggish feelings or feelings of fullness or heaviness, and I feel lighter and more energised. I don't want to advocate not eating, but I would highly recommend intermittent fasting not just to become leaner physically, but for all kinds of other benefits that come with it. Do plenty of research and try a schedule that works for you.


This is the first stop I'm gonna make next time I visit my boyfriend in Sweden. Adornment Studio in Stockholm is inspired by the vintage legacy, with sustainability and quality at the forefront of what they do. The garments from their own label are made from leftover fabrics collected from well-known Italian fashion houses to ensure sustainable and high-quality creations, and reduce waste.

A question I get asked a lot, this mascara and this mascara are my current faves.

The search for a good all-natural deodorant is never ending, am I right? But I have come one step closer having discovered Madara's Organic Herbal Deodorant. It smells amazing, it's light to wear and not at all greasy or sticky like some natural deodorant sticks I've tried in the past and its better for your health and the earth. 

A good little marketplace for the ethical consumer.

Not like any of us need any more possessions, but 20% off on Monday in case you really just do.

Ayurvedic skincare is something I think everyone should invest in. Finding out more about yourself on a deeper level than just mental and physical, Ayurveda invites you to really tune in and ask bigger questions, to really get to know yourself and accept your characteristics. So often, we don't address our thoughts or emotions, or don't indulge them by acting on them, and we rarely really embrace certain traits of our personalities unless they are socially accepted. It's like we hide our true feelings and opinions from others so much that we hide them from ourselves, but when you can embrace them and understand them and accept them, you come to love yourself so much more just the way you are. Ayurveda explores all aspects of your body, mind and spirit, including your skin. I am a predominantly Vata, and although I don't always stick to a vata-pacifying diet, I love the idea of skincare designed for specific types.

Throughout July, I signed up to P.volve's free trial of online workouts. It was amazing. I am really hard at self-motivating myself to do cardio, so unless I'm in a class it doesn't really get done. P.volve's online videos thankfully are not cardio-heavy. Instead, they focus on really small and specific movements, most of which are done slowly and controlled for maximum burn and benefits. This is a really unique workout, guiding you to use muscles you never would have known about. You do need some specific P.volve. equipment in some videos, but I got on fine with just a selection of hand weights and resistance bands. You gotta start somewhere.

One of my faves, Lacy Philips, has launched a podcast. Over an hour each time of inspiring, authentic discussions and really valuable insights and advice on a variety of topics we can all relate to.

This is next on my reading list.

This face mask works like a charm. 100% natural and nontoxic, free from GMO, fillers, artificial colours, fragrances and other synthetic chemicals, the gel-like mask glides onto skin and develops into a film-like texture before it's time to cleanse it off with warm water. My skin felt smoother and softer overnight, and completely balanced a few oil-prone areas before they manifested into full-blown blemishes.

Almighty Foods' nut butters are so over the top it's insane, but in the best possible ways. They add coconut sugar and other natural flavourings to their stoneground nut butters, and once you get that teaspoon in and out the jar once, its hard to know when to stop. Or, it's easy to know, but even easier to ignore it and carry on anyway. I love their Toffee Almond straight from the jar or on banana as a little pick-me-up. For an instant energising drink, you could also dissolve it in coffee, hot water with cacao powder or warm nut milk.

Was recently recommended to watch this and one episode in I'm inspired in ready for more.

I did my first beach clean with a friend in Hastings this month and it was such a nice way to spend a Saturday. We were basically getting an all-over tan, spending quality time together and helping save the Ocean all at once. The Marine Conservation Society is a great platform to find a beach clean near you, and if there isn't one at your nearest beach or open water site, you can host your own. I'll be hosting one on September 8th, so watch this space.

Have you tried the tart yet?!

Re:Mind studio is so needed in this city. I had dreams of one day setting up a space of my own and this was pretty much how I imagined it. A place to go to be calm and slow, with a schedule of meditation, yin yoga, group reiki sessions, sound healing and other classes and events, Re:mind is such a wonderful place to go if you want to try something new but don't know where to begin or don't feel confident enough to begin your own personal practice without guidance. And, you don't have to be a member, you can just drop in to classes as and when you like, or schedule private sessions with some of their teachers. Unlimited herbal tea and a store front filled with some of the best eco-friendly / organic / sustainable brands on Earth, if not for a class, just go there for a breather.

Shooting with Rixo last week fed my obsession with their dresses, blouses and scarves. They've just dropped some brand new pieces fyi. Click on the images below browse and shop.

There's a new pop up in town and this ones all sustainable and ethical menswear and womenswear at its best.

This is one of my all time favourite candles.

This month I was working with Pam Pam on an exciting editorial project, and discovered they have some really nice sustainable brands, like this one.

Loving these handmade sunglasses.

I haven't stopped wearing or talking about PDPaola; my current jewellery obsession. I am a sucker for jewellery and prefer buying statement jewellery way more than statement clothing. I recently got a selection of earrings and rings from Pdpaola, and they are not only really unique in design but are such good quality for not outrageous prices. Their intention is to "create genuine and exclusive jewellery, completing the image of the contemporary women with elegance and character". The materials they work with go through strict quality checks and are carefully selected and contrasted, making each piece unique and different. "All our jewels are hand finished, from the polishing, to the set of each stone". You can literally feel the passion, care and devotion in each piece, and it feels amazing to wear.

H&M's homeware is really hitting it. Love this, this, this, this and this. Browse more here.

This is the best gluten free pasta you will ever experience. I adore linguine, so this has just knocked my former corn / rice / quinoa / buckwheat / lentil / pea pasta options completely out of the park.

A love a bulk-buy situation. Any store that has tubs to scoop from or tubes to dispense from makes me so happy. I love the freedom it gives you to select as much or as little of something as you need, and also the way it produces far less waste, and is often cheaper than buying packaged. I'll be visiting this place when I'm next in the area.

I recently visited the owner of The Collaborative Store in Marylebone. "A space to discover an edit of contemporary clothing, accessories, homeware, furniture and art for people who are curious about the story behind the pieces they buy". With a selection of sustainable / ethical fashion (both men's and women's), homeware and beauty products, it's a must for anyone wanting to find unique alternatives to the commercial, mass produced products of this world. Find them here and here.

Dying with desire for every. single. swimsuit this sustainable brand has to offer. "With a focus on Scandinavian simplicity & a responsibility to look after the environment, all OHOY products are produced from plastic and fishing nets collected from the ocean and recycled into luxurious Italian fabric.  We don't believe in swimwear seasons, we believe in adventures around the year". Just, yesssssss.

I've always been intrigued by Human Design, and really for me, so many different theories influence how I live my life. Human Design is one of them. As will anything like this, I don't take things word for word or too literally, but I do find really incredible input and interesting ideas for analysing and understanding my own body, mind and spirit. 

This place looks amazing and I'm looking forward to booking into one of their events soon. You should too. They have some inspiring things going on. Same goes for this place.

If you missed the print copies of our Well Being & Other Stories Zine, the good news is that until we produce another print run, you can download a digital version, here

I recently posted about a sisal sponge, which is a body sponge made from agave plant fibres. The insides are usually synthetic, but I love using sisal as a it's an incredible exfoliator. Here's one with wooden handle and one without.

I've been searching for this since I tried them a few years ago in Sweden. Summer purslane is a super light and refreshing, crisp leaf to add to salads. I've just bought some seeds to grow my own before summer is out, but also found it in my local fruit and vegetable store last week, so keep an eye out. It's seriously tasty.

All I had was a smoothie but I can't wait to return to this place, the menu looks all me.

Natural / organic / sustainable haircare is the hardest to find. Here's something for ya!

I don't want to drink out of anything else.

Girl Undiscovered superfood face mask. Uhhh, there are too many amazing beauty brands and not enough time.

Planning on trying these soon. "Only what you need, nothing you don't". A brand redefining the way we supplement, and making it simpler and more natural.

Want this little two-piece? Me tooooo.

Something new to try.

It took me long enough to get a Keep Cup. I previously used a bamboo reuseable takeaway cup, but it wasn't airtight or spill proof. I designed my own, which happens to be exactly the same as this one. You can customise the colour of the band, lid and lid plug, here.

Austin Austin Certified Organic skin and haircare is even cooler than it looks. It is actually legit, unlike most things with nice packaging. A family business, all products are produced in East Anglia and tested only on people. Their bottles are made from 100% recycled material and their boxes from FSC accredited sustainably managed forests. All of the packaging used is recyclable. Austin Austin products are all vegan (apart from their body cream which uses a small amount of beeswax) and they do not contain any GM ingredients, SLS, silicones, parabens, mineral oils, artificial colours or fragrances. Need I say any more? Oh actually, they also smell incredible. So pure and natural, which emphasises the quality of the ingredients in case you didn't quite believe it.

MiH Jeans teamed up with Bay Garnett to curate a vintage inspired collection. It's everything.

Dangerously addicted. Although I'm not 100% vegan, I avoid dairy pretty much all the time mainly as it affects my skin. Vegan cheese always seemed like a weird and unappetising concept, but this vegan cheese is not messing around. I would die happily now if i never ate real cheese again.

Some summertime tips from Lacy & Lila @ Free a& Native.

I've been trying out this Anti-Pollution CC cream and would recommend to anyone looking to move away from artificial make up products. It's scientifically proven to completely shield the skin from urban toxins. Okurrrrr.

Love love loving Twelve's London Mask. Made with incredible natural ingredients, The founder says: “Rather unusually, I choose to hand-blend The London Mask myself. It takes a lot of work, but it is essential, because it allows me to ensure that the skin benefits from purifying benefits of the natural clays, without any of the unpleasant associated concerns e.g. dryness, dehydration, tightening, cracking. The thoughtful, time-consuming nature of the process means that I can make only 50 jars a month – but if I had to mix all of the ingredients in a blending machine, the clays would quickly absorb and ‘trap’ all the soothing oils and active molecules, and would then no longer work effectively. I love this mask because it’s a beautiful and highly effective example of how you can work with nature to produce something utterly extraordinary, or choose to work against it, and then lose much of its natural magic". The London Mask instantly clears, cleanses and balances my skin, it's truly special.

These earrings and these earrings.

Me and most of my school friends at the moment are completing the first full quarter of life. There is such thing as a quarter life crisis and turns out we are all approaching it, worrying more, wanting to make big changes and just generally feeling a little stuck. There's a lot going on at this stage in life, not just things we're doing or dealing with but the stars and planets are aligning and returning and all sorts. It's a powerful and transformational time. If you're struggling with clarity or feeling ungrounded and anxious, consider this.

Ethical manufacturing, natural dyes, 1% for the planet, organic and eco-friendly yoga wear made in limited batches for limited waste. Love it @VegeThreads.

Mercury is in Retrograde, y'all. This will explain a thing or two that you've been going through.

Innermost vegan protein powder; the health one.

My girl Holly of The Acey has just opened shop in East London. Go go go.

Recently re-watched this. It really is a must see.

You're a lot more creative than you think.

We are all energy, vibrating at our own unique frequencies. If we could all tap into ourselves and increase our energetic frequency, imagine this place!

These all-natural, vegan, dairy free, sugar free ice lollies. Produced with environmentally friendly production processes, too.

Sunless tanning  🙌

Loli: Living Organic Loving Ingredients, make pure and potent superfood beauty products using food-grade ingredients your body recognises and really requires. "Peel back a beauty label far enough, and you’ll see that it’s lost its connection to what really nourishes us – food – and in its place is a blend of 95% water, preservatives and synthetics. We use organic, wild-harvested ingredients that are raw, fair trade, non-GMO and up-cycled from food for zero waste. I believe that when you blend food to make beauty, you make more of yourself. It’s powerful alchemy". I'm currently trying a few of their products and the whole ritual of making your own blends is really fun and fascinating.

Recycle your clothes easily if you don't have time to get to a charity shop.

Some seriously technical activewear going on over here.

This will upgrade your summer drink of choice like nothing else will. Literally. The drink I've been making this summer is simply a mix of sparkling water, a little Grey Goose Vodka or another spirit of choice, a splash of St Germain, ice and lemon, lime or fresh herbs. 

I've lived about 20 minutes from this place for about 6 years and never discovered it. Ummmm.

Currently Wearing

Simple Sustainable Swaps

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In this video I share a few simple tips and tools for making more natural, sustainable and conscious lifestyle choices. 

Modern day materials - such as plastic and cotton - are having damaging affects on our lives and on the planet, and things are getting worse. By swapping things made with synthetic materials for things made with more natural, renewable, recyclable and biodegradable materials, and which involve more environmentally friendly processes, we can all make a difference and play a part in reducing the amount of pollution and physical waste ending up in landfill or in the oceans.

Find out more on my website ~ www.daniellecopperman.com ~ and shop some of the items mentioned in this video here, http://daniellecopperman.com/store-1/.