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Valentines Day

Valentines Essentials / Gift Guide

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With V day approaching, whether you eagerly await, couldn't care less or feel lonely and depressed at just the mention of its name, the following list of essentials is sure to get you in the mood. Either treat yourself, treat your partner, buy ahead - in aid of the big day, or send a few link hints to whomever you're expecting gifts from this year.

Outfit + underwear

These earrings or these earrings.

If you're taking a V-day trip to warmer climes - put this top on your packing list.

Luva Huva are keeping it real in the underwear department. Their core collection is build from attractive, natural and ecologically considerate fabrics such as bamboo, hemp, organic cotton, soy and tencel. Take a look at this bra, this set, this set, this set.

Marina London Beanie top or Beanie dress in Red Satin or Dree dress in red.

Handmade shoes by By Far.

This jacket - perfect for wintery weather but not too bulky to ruin a slammin' outfit; day or night.


I discovered this recently, and am recommending it to evvvveryone. The first brand to take care of your sensitive skin and its bacterial ecosystem, the microbiome 🙌. Add to your pre-V-day priming rituals or hint at it when your partners within ear or eye shot.

Byredo Gypsy Water

RMS highlighter

RMS cream eyeshadow

RMS wild with desire lipstick


Chocolate that won't ruin the mood with side effects for the dairy or refined sugar sensitive. My favourite Ombar Cacao Almond or their new centres collection featuring Coconut Vanilla and Raspberry Coconut.

Organic / biodynamic wines. Trust me; ten times the flavour, a fraction of the hangover (if any). (try here, here or here).

Gifts + other topical items

These woven plant baskets; just cos.

I got this book for Christmas and it's nice to dip in and out of, bringing a sense of deeper meaning and grounded-ness amidst daily life. Especially for the time poor reader who can only handle a few sentences at a time.

Love Letters of Great Men & Women is a book I think every woman should own. Read it and share it.

One of these, if you ask nicely, or perhaps make it out to be a 'mutually beneficial' gift for both of you.

Earl of East London candles or incense.

Espa recover and revive collection.

The new Taryn Toomey inspired collection at LuluLemon is romanticised activewear at its finest. Hues of muted pink and dusty purple will make you rethink your entire fitness wardrobe. Just looking at the kit is as calming as as a few minutes in savasana. I particularly love this and this.