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Consulting & Mentoring

I am really excited to offer one-to-one, private consultations, covering a range of topics and approaching personal issues and challenges. I work with people to improve their health, fitness and mental wellbeing, working on things like diet, fitness, mindfulness, positivity, career & purpose, relationships, personal dreams and goals, and manifestation. I can also curate personalised wellbeing programs tailored to individuals’ needs, providing a simple-to-follow guide, all of which is accompanied by on-demand support via email.

I offer these sessions via email and / or video call.

If you contact me using the form below, I will get straight back to you to organise an initial discussion and to determine what kind and how much support and contact might help you*.

* Minimum of 1 x 1 hour audio or video call session, maximum of 2 x 1 hour audio or video call per month, with or without assisted on-demand email / messaging.

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If you are unable to commit to one-to-one sessions, keep an eye out for my monthly private consultations on Instagram, where I connect with individuals in confidentiality via direct message.

Testimonials (kept anonymous, from free Instagram consultations)

“This is such a nice initiative, I love what you're doing to help the people and the planet”.

“Wow, this is so helpful, you are so helping and kind and I really look up to you. Thanks for helping me out, it really means a lot”.

“What a gorgeous thing to do for people! I love this kind of positive energy”.

“Thank you so much for your time, I can’t tell you how grateful I am to have talked to someone”.

“Thank you for taking the time to read and answer me. Thanks for sharing your wisdom and love!”.

“I don’t know why I feel compelled to write this to a complete stranger, of maybe that’s why I find it easier than talking to people who I’m close to. Your words and time have really helped me to look at things differently”.

“Will try my best. Thank you for listening”.

“All great advice, thank you! Already trying many of the things you have suggested!”.

“Thank you again for taking the time… It’s the first time I haven’t felt completely alone in this after sharing it with someone”.

“Keep doing amazing things as you do, making people live a more balanced life, you’re a fantastic inspiration”.

“Thank you so much. Keep up the brilliant work because you have a really different point of view!”.“Thank you. It’s really refreshing to get advice from someone I don’t know.”