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Frequently Asked Questions

I often get asked a lot of questions, either in person, on social media or in interviews. Here, I share my answers to the most frequently asked questions, but if there is anything I haven't covered or something more personal you'd like to ask me, please do:



FAQ: How old were you when you started modelling?

I was scouted a few days before my sixteenth birthday, and shot my first job a few weeks shortly after turning sixteen.

FAQ: What agencies are you signed to?

IMG Models and Stockholmsgruppen.

FAQ: How old were you when you set up your business, Qnola?

I first made Qnola when I was twenty years old, and registered the concept as a business at the age of twenty-one.

FAQ: How many people work for Qnola?

Two full-time and a selection of freelance contributors.

FAQ: How often to you exercise and what do you do?

I have had a very varied approach to fitness over the years. Until the age of 19 I hadn't stepped foot in a gym or even heard of yoga/spin/hiit - you get the idea. Then, whilst working as a full-time model, I began training with The SBC - a female-only collective - which sparked my initial interest in activity and movement. Since then, I have learnt to become equipped and motivated to train myself, using mostly bodyweight exercises and primal movements, as well as using some basic equipment such as jump rope, hand weights, ankle weights, resistance bands, slider discs and resistance rings. I have tried almost every class under the sun, and this diversity has kept me interested, engaged, active and challenged in an incredibly varied way. If I don't feel like working out, I don't force it, but I try to always make time to walk to wherever I need to be or do 10 minutes of yoga in my bedroom before starting or ending the day. The amount of exercise I do changes constantly depending on work and spare time. At the moment I am preparing for a big modelling contract and so my current regime includes working out for between 1 and 3 hours per day. Usually, though, I walk as much as possible and rarely take public transport; I run 2-4 times a week - sometimes long distances, sometimes for half an hour in intervals of 1 minute on, 1 minute off. I do yoga daily - either at home or at my local studio, Yogahome. I workout from home or at the gym roughly 3 times a week, either alone or with a friend, and attend classes whenever I can fit them in or need extra motivation. My favourite classes include boxing, hiit, reformer pilates, yoga, and my favourite studios include Blok, Tempo, Lagree, Ethos, Heartcore, F45,  (UK) and Aerosmith, Brooklyn Bodyburn, Gotham Gym, SLT, Sky Ting Yoga (NY). If you need inspiration for personal workouts, try Kayla Itsines' app or Tara Stiles videos on Youtube.

FAQ: Do you meditate?

Yes. I try to do 20 minutes of Vedic meditation each morning using a mantra, although if I slip out of this routine, I try to do yoga or pranayama sequences or practice other mindfulness techniques which offer similar meditative benefits. I also occasionally like to use apps (such as Headspace, Calm, Buddhify, Inscape and Insight Timer), especially when my schedule is particularly hectic.

FAQ . What are your favourite podcasts?

I'm forever discovering new podcasts, but a few of my all time favourites include Girlboss Radio, Women of the Hour, Rewild Yourself, One Part Podcast, The Life Stylist, The Balanced Blond, The Tony Robbins Podcast, Let It Out, Mind Body Musings, amongst others. Find more up to date podcast suggestions here.