Recipes, rituals and other stories to realign the body and mind

Whilst studying and training in specific things has been both interesting and crucial, my wellbeing journey has been shaped and driven, more than anything, by books. Old books in particular stand as such inspiration and such thorough yet simplistic accounts of authentic advice that has been lost and forgotten amongst our modern habits. These ancient books are filled with theories that remain relevant today, and it is so interesting to rediscover such basic information that has existed for centuries. Alongside these, more recent books are equally inspiring and in some ways even more useful, as they consider the struggles and stresses of modern living; things like poor diet, poor digestion, lack of energy and lack of time. They provide even more realistic and current concepts and methods, to fit effortlessly into our increasingly busy lifestyles.

The books below are not just about diet or nutrition, but about all elements of life that I feel contribute to our wellbeing. Some explore the wellbeing of humans, whilst others explore the wellbeing of our planet and the universe, or all of the above. Some explore food and fitness, whilst others explore the power of the mind and the energy channels of the body. Some trust solely in recipes, whilst others emphasise the importance of alternative medicine and complementary therapies. And some focus on physical wellbeing, whilst others go much deeper and uncover more mental and psychological topics, such as confidence, fear, purpose, happiness and intuition. Together, they form a library of many theories and much inspiration, and I hope you enjoy  

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