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ABOUT ME   |  Danielle Copperman

Alongside modelling full-time (signed to IMG models) I am also an entrepreneur, holistic chef, writer/author and body worker. In January 2018 I released my first book, Well Being - a selection of my favourite recipes and rituals intended to realign the body and mind; staying grounded and balanced whilst navigating modern life.

I first awakened to the importance of taking care of myself when I started my journey as a model. My initial interest in health and wellbeing began with an dogmatic paleo diet and constant, high-intensity workouts, but, after reaching the verge of what is now known as orthorexia, my practices have evolved into more wholesome, well-rounded and holistic ones. I've discovered, and still am discovering, ways to thrive through not only diet but also movement, meditation + mental health, breath work, energy work, natural beauty + self-care, and spiritual exploration. For me, living and being well is not an end point and is not a state of perfection that you can work towards or every fully reach. It is a journey, not a fixed state, and reaching a place that feels well to you is matter of balancing many ever-changing variables in your life, using practices and provisions that are truly purposeful and functional. It is about self-responsibility, self-education, self-discovery, self-development and constant self-betterment through getting to know yourself and the things that really get you going. 


Natural recipes + simple rituals for effortless modern thrivance

Over time, life has become complex and over-complicated. In this space I share natural recipes and simple rituals to handle the constant waves of modern life. Through food, I showcase how the Universe provides everything we need abundantly, as and when we need it. Through rituals, I explore the ancient traditions of some of the healthiest and happiest cultures in the world, which can fit simply into our modern lives. Through sharing and reviewing holistic and sustainable products, places and people, I hope I inspire you to make more conscious and mindful decisions, not only about your health but also your happiness and the state of this planet and every living thing on it. Buying and consuming mindfully is more powerful than it sounds and whilst, as a model especially, I cant live sustainbaly all the time, I hope this makes me a realistic ambassador for a balanced and better way of living, not a perfect one.


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