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Kitchen Equipment

Have had this trusty Vitamix Blender for years and it is by far the thing I use most in my kitchen. Update: I've recently been experimenting with this brand new model and it is a game changer. It has a timer and and automated settings for things like smoothies, ice creams and soups so you can hit the switch and leave it to do its thing. Discover more of their models here or by following @VitamixUK and #VitamixUK.
Kitchenaid Food Processor (in Cream)
Ceramic V60 Hario Pour Over Coffee Dripper
V60 Pour Over Coffee Dripper Filter Papers
Glass Pour Over Coffee Jug
Glass Juicer
Muslin Bag (for nut milk or other liquids with pulp)
Garlic / Ginger Grater
Le Creuset Cast Iron Casserole Pot
Glass Pyrex Baking Dish
Biodegradable Bamboo Mixing Bowls
Bamboo Chopping Boards
Le Creuset Stoneware Cafetiere
Monaco Metal Cafetiere
Loose Tea Pot with Strainer
Arket Water Jug

Kitchen hygiene

Natural Tampico Fibre Vegetable Brush
Vegetable Brush Set
Linen Tea Towels
Ecover Multi Surface Spray
Ecover Washing Up Liquid
Japanese-Style Linen Apron
Concrete Kitchen Roll Holder


Round Glass Food Containers
Square / Rectangular Glass Food Containers
Biodegradable Bamboo Food Container
Muji Glass Storage Jars & Glass Containers
Hay Glass Containers + Pots
Glass Pickling / Fermenting Jar
Wooden Top Glass Jars

Serveware, tableware + decoration

Copper Drinking Cup
Biodegradable Bamboo Salad Bowl
Biodegradable Bamboo Plate
Biodegradable Bamboo Strainer
Biodegradable Bamboo Travel Cup
Lululemon Hot/Cold Travel Flask
Hay Felt Coasters
These glasses and these glasses
Zara Home Glasses
Large Glass Mug
Two Tone Mug
Stoneware Mug
Copper drinking straws
Bamboo drinking straws


House doctor


R E S T    O F    T H E    H O M E


Bodha Smokeless Incense Sticks (available from several stockists in the UK)
Earl of East London Soy Wax Candles
Wake Up Well + Wind Down Well Candles
Earl of East London Incense Sticks  (also do incense cones)
Muji Diffuser
Geo Mitchell Natural Wooden Diffuser
Momosan Shop Incense Holder (back in stock soon)
Earl of East London x Kana Incense Holder
MAAPS Incense Holder (currently on offer)

+ I also make many remedies like these from scratch, and recipes for things like DIY diffusers, Soy + Beeswax Candles can be found in my book, Well Being.


Moon Light
Energy-saving light bulbs


Tibetan Singing Bowl


Drift Mattress
Bamboo Pillows

Stores + Brands

Dassie Artisan
Elizabeth James
Nom Living
House Doctor
Zara Home

More coming soon