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I recently hooked up with the two beautiful ladies behind Crux London, Kirstie Maclaren and Workbench London (busy, busy ladies). Both graduates from Middlesex University, the girls have been running their own handmade jewellery brands for a number of years, and decided to set up Workbench - an evening of teaching how to design, fit and mould your ideal ring - as a way to get more people involved in the beauty of making jewellery personal to them. 

Their aim was to host intimate, informal evenings in cool, cosy venues across the UK, where attendees had the chance to learn more about handcrafted jewellery making, and then to make some themselves. The girls love imparting their jewellers knowledge, but leave the design and production up to you entirely, ensuring you make a truly unique and personal piece. Time Out recently wrote a rave review on the evening, deeming it a 'super fun craft night'. The Workbench ladies are doing something super unique here, so if you want to be a part of it, here is your chance.

Whilst cocktails have previously proved sufficient fuel for the evenings, this event it the first one to be fully catered. We have decided to experiment with serving each guest their own platter of evening snacks and desserts (as well as drinks), making it faff, fuss and mess free. I have designed the menu to be easy to eat - ensuring guests can continue to work on their jewellery. Included in the ticket price will be sharing bowls of starters, four large savoury canapés, and one dessert. All options will be gluten, dairy and refined sugar free. 

There will be drinks served all evening, including alcoholic, non alcoholic and hot drinks. 1 free drink is included in the ticket price.

Please email danielle@qnola.co.uk if you have any additional dietary requirements i.e: vegan/vegetarian.

You will also go home with an exclusive goodie bag containing luxury cereals, organic skin care and much more.

This event is now SOLD OUT. We will be holding two more events this year, so keep updated here.

Earlier Event: September 30
Later Event: January 12