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Energy Workshops at Lost Village 2018


I'm super excited to be hosting a series of energy workshops in The Energy Garden at this years Lost Village festival. Alongside events, classes and workshops, you'll find the Lake of Tranquility, a Spa area and much more. Expect lakeside yoga, workout classes, energy workshops, forest bathing, morning runs, meditation walks, craft workshops, healing workshops and more.

I will be hosting three energy workshops over the weekend; one on Saturday morning, one on Sunday morning and one on Sunday afternoon, too. I'll be guiding guests through rituals to increase energy levels, reduce stress levels and to instil a sense of clarity and calmness. Guests will leave feeling refreshed, awake and energised, whilst also grounded and calm. They will leave with these simple tools with deep understanding of how to practice them alone at home, for instant energy and reduced stress on the daily.

If you're heading to Lost Village, swing by and join me!