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Aside from featuring in online and print commercial and editorial projects as a model, below is a brief breakdown of publications I have featured in, on the topic of general wellbeing, this blog, my book and / or Qnola.

For press inquiries, please contact Christine.fortune@img.com, Marieclaire.rogerson@img.com, Sanchita.nahar@img.com or natasha.h@mn2s.com.

Beauty & The Dirt, Supermodel recipes to steal - Mar 2014 (online)
The Telegraph, Healthy eating to accompany SBC female training regime - Mar 2014 (online)
‣ Good Morning America, recorded TV interview about modelling, eating well and Qnola - Mar 2014 (online and on global news television station)
New York Daily News, interview alongside Karlie Kloss, Doutzen Kroes and Jourdan Dunn about modelling, eating well and Qnola -  Mar 2014 (online)
ABC News, interview alongside Karlie Kloss, Doutzen Kroes and Jourdan Dunnabout modelling, eating well and Qnola - Mar 2014 (online)
 Yahoo News, interview alongside Karlie Kloss, Doutzen Kroes and Jourdan Dunnabout modelling, eating well and Qnola - Mar 2014 (online)
Mail Online, Starlets enjoy Qnola - Jun 2014 (online)
‣ The Acey, Acey Woman Interview, Jun 2014 (online)
Wallpaper Magazine, Qnola in June Food News: Editors Picks - Jun 2014 (print)
The Glow Edit, The Model Breakfast: Qnola - Jun 2014 (online)
Vogue Paris, Seven Day Lean Detox: Qnola feature - Jul 2014 (print)
The Telegraph, 9 Best refined sugar free treats: Qnola feature - Oct 2014 (print and online)
Men's Health, 21 Women you need in your life - Dec 2014 (print)
Red Magazine, Rethink your breakfast: Qnola feature - Jan 15 (print)
Ziet Magazin Germany, Qnola feature - Jan 15 (print)
The Huffington Post, The Huffpost Team try one new thing per day: Qnola Feature - Jan 15 (online)
The Grocer, Selfridges Healthy Comfort Food: Qnola feature - Jan 15 (online)
Sheerluxe, The Best Healthy Supper Clubs - Feb 15 (online)
Look Magazine, The Beauty 'It' Crowd to Follow on Instagram - Feb 15 (online)
Now Magazine, Top 5 Health and Beauty Buys: Qnola Feature - Feb 15 (online)
Miss Vogue, Fresh Faces - Danielle Copperman: The Entrepreneur - Apr 15 (print)
Content Beauty, What I'm Eating Now Interview - Apr 15 (online)
Zeit Magazine, Interview - Apr 15 (online)
Motherland, Qnola feature - Apr 15 (online)
Topshop Blog, Interview - Apr 15 (online)
Suitcase Magazine, Interview - May 15 (online)
Born to Be Wild Blog, Healthy events and products: Qnola feature - May 15 (online)
Femtastics, Interview - May 15 (online)
Zanna Van Dijk Blog, Qnola feature - May 15 (online)
Stylist Magazine, The Taste Makers: Qnola feature - May 15 (print)
Suitcase Magazine, Books, Apps and Snacks: Qnola feature - Jun 15 (print)
Marie Claire Magazine, My Style 9-5 feature - Jun 15 (print)
Harpers Bazaar, Estee Lauder Launches the Estee Edit UK with Danielle Copperman - Jun 15 (online)
Green Queen Hong Kong, London Travel Guide: Qnola Feature - Jun 15 (online)
Harpers Bazaar, Germany, Food tips: interview and blog feature - Jun 15 (online)
Woman Magazine, Germany, Interview and 7 tips to being healthy - Jun 15 (online)
Vogue Paris, The 4 fashionable super foods: Qnola feature - Jun 15 (print)
Style and Wellbeing Brittany Bathgate Blog, The Basic Store Review: Qnola feature - Jun 15 (online)
Mail Online, SBC labels Qnola as 'golden food': Qnola feature - Jun 15 (online)
Harvey Nichols Newsletter, Favourite products: Qnola feature - Jul 15 (online)
Mail Online, New Brekkie Trends: Qnola feature - Jul 15 (online)
Fox and Favour Journal, Interview + Qnola feature - Jul 15 (print)
Look Magazine, Interview 4-page feature - Jul 15 (print)
Sheerluxe, Guest Edit feature - Aug 15 (online)
Telegraph, Qnola future - Aug 15 (print)
Cosmopolitan France, Qnola feature - Sept 15 (online)
Hey Jo, Interview - Sep 15 (online)
Daily Mail, What models eat London fashion week ready - Sep 15 (online)
GQ Magazine, Entrepreneurs to follow - Oct 15 (print)
ES Magazine, Danielle Copperman: Meet the model who is running a cereal brand from the catwalk - Oct 15 (online)
Sheerluxe, The cereal brand that's actually healthy - Oct 15 (online)
The Times, Healthy Granola's: Qnola feature - Nov 15 (print + online)
Vogue Paris, Qnola: your healthy snack solution - Nov 15 (online)
Daily Mail, Paltrow's super breakfast: Qnola feature - Nov 15 (print)
Warehouse Blog, Meet the experts - Skincare SOS - Dec 15 (online)
Healthy Bloggers Community, Six food brands who are nailing the market - Dec 15 (online)
Weibo, Qnola - Dec 15 (online)
About Time Magazine, Top 30 healthy food brands - Jan 16 (online)
Bath Chronicle, Beauty and the Feast interview + Qnola feature - Jan 16 (print)
Content Beauty, Our favourite natural beauties share their New Years Resolutions - Jan 16 (online)
Urban Outfitters Blog, Interview - Jan 16 (online)
Metro Paper, Qnola feature - Jan 16 (print)
The Coveteur, New York, Interview and shoot - Jan 16 (online)
The Lifestyle Edit, Interview - Jan 16 (online)
Inner Me, Woman of the Week - Jan 16 (online)
Evening Standard, Vegan breakfasts: Qnola feature - Jan 16 (print)
Mail Online, Chanel model creates healthy quinoa-granola - Jan 16 (online)
The Antidote, Qnola bowls us over - Jan 16 (online)
Metro, Qnola feature - Jan 16 (print)
‣ French Vogue, Inside a models kitchen - February 2016
Natural Health Magazine, Qnola feature - Mar 15 (print)
Vogue Paris, Vogue follows: Danielle Copperman during LFW (series of 3 videos) - Apr 16 (online + youtube)
Women's Health, Why you should be eating Cacao - Mar 16 (online)
Beaute Blog, France, Qnola Review - Mar 16 (online)
Bath Chronical, The Cool List - Apr 16 (print)
Lecker, Germany, Interview - Apr 16 (online)
Grazia, Hemsley sisters favourites: Qnola feautre - Apr 16 (print)
Calgary Avansino Website, Well Beings: Danielle Copperman - Apr 16 (online)
Refinery 29, Meet the model changing the way we eat - Apr 16 (online)
Madeleine Shaw Website, Things I'm loving this week: Qnola feature - Apr 16 (online)
Cosmopolitan, Germany, Interview + Qnola feature - May 16 (online)
Vilda, London's quinoa queen - May 16 (online)
Hemsley + Hemsley Website, Grab & Go snack recommendations - May 16 (online)
Bath Life Magazine, Interview - Apr 16 (print)
Well To Do London, Qnola feature - Jun 16 (online)
Cosmopolitan, Germany, Interview + Qnola feature - Jun 16 (online)
Food Stories Magazine, Qnola feature - Jul 16 (print)
Stylist, The Style List: Qnola - Jul 16 (print)
Hip & Healthy, Qnola feature - Jul 16 (online)
Mon Garde Manger, France, Interview - Jul 16 (online)
Glasshouse Journal, Interview + recipe - Jul 16 (online)
Shortlist Magazine, The Chosen Few: Quinoa snacks: Qnola feature - Jul 16 (print)
Byrdie, Healthy foodie instagram accounts - Jul 16 (online)
Wallpaper Magazine, Qnola feature - Aug 16 (online)
Psychologies MagazineRecipe - Aug 16 (online)
‣ Tijana Serena Blog, Qnola feature - Aug 16 (online)
Plenish Website, Recipe, Aug 16 (online)
Anneli Bush Blog, Monthly Favourites - Aug 16 (online)
Secret London, Secret fitness events - Aug 16 (online)
Get The Gloss, Protein rich diet feature - Aug 16 (online)
InStyle, Recipe - Aug 16 (online)
Obonjan Blog, Qnola on the Island - Aug 16 (online)
Back of House, Danielle Copperman x The Sanderson - Aug 16 (online)
‣ Because Magazine, Danielle Copperman x The Sanderson - Sep 16 (online)
Amuse i-D, Danielle Copperman x The Sanderson - Sep 16 (online)
Suitcase Magazine, Insider guides: Healthy restaurants in London - Sep 16 (online)
Instyle, Foods for energy this Autumn - Sep 16 (online)
Hello!, Things to do in London - Sep 16 (online)
Red online, Smart Woman Campaign - Sep 16 (online) 
About Time Magazine, Food products you need to buy - Oct 16 (online)
Evening Standard, Danielle Copperman x The Sanderson - Oct 16 (online)
Self Magazine, United States, Interview - Oct 16 (print)
Thrive Magazine, Hot products: Qnola feature - Oct 16 (online)
Free + Native, Qnola mention - Oct 16 (online)
OK! Magazine, Qnola feature - Oct 16 (online)
Natural Health Magazine, Qnola feature - Oct 16 (print)
Absolutely London, Healthy breakfast on the go - Oct 16 (print + online)
Live the Process, A moment with Danielle Copperman - Oct 16 (online)
Our Edit, How I Made it Work feature - Nov 16 (online)
Psycle, In conversation with: Danielle Copperman - Nov 16 (online)
Asos My Big Idea Podcast, 30 min podcast - Nov 16 (online)
Diary Directory, Qnola Life Candle Launch - Dec 16 (online)
Glamour, Best Podcasts - Dec 16 (online)
French Elle, Interview, Dec 16 (print + online)
Tatler, Spa Guides + products: Qnola feature - Dec 16 (online)
Waitrose Magazine + Newspaper, Interview + Qnola feature - Jan 17 (online)
Rooted, Rooted meets: Danielle Copperman - Jan 17 (online)
Psychologies, Qnola feature - Jan 17 (print + online)
Vogue France, Qnola feature - Jan 17 (online)
Vogue Spain, Interview + Qnola feature - Jan 17 (print)
Balance Magazine, Qnola feature - Jan 17 (print + online)
Get The Gloss, Pancake recipes from our favourite foodies - Feb 17 (online)
Eyedea, Morning rituals - Mar 17 (online)
Skin & Tonic Blog, Mothers day guide: Qnola Life candle feature - Mar 17 (online)
Hip & Healthy, Business advice - Mar 17 (online)
Jessica Murnane Blog, How to make acai bowls: Qnola feature - Apr 17 (online)
Elle Magazine, Recipe - Apr 17 (print)
Aevi Wellness, The art of self love - Apr 17 (online)
Female First, Interview - May 17 (online)
Aevi Wellness, Connect: Danielle Copperman - Jun 17 (online)
Topshop Blog, Natural beauty recipe - Jul 17 (online)
Wunderworkshop, Golden Balance: Danielle Copperman - Nov 17 (online)
BBC Radio London, Interview + Well Being Book promotion - Jan 18 (on air + online)