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Welcome to The Essentials Shop. Here you will find all of my favourite essentials, from food and fashion, to beauty and books. Most of what you’ll find here is made ethically, sustainably and/or using natural materials / ingredients, with just a few exceptions.

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When buying groceries, it’s ideal to buy in bulk, wherever possible. This way, you’ll save on packaging and transportation and you’ll also save money. You’ll also find you’re more prepared. Transfer bulk ingredients to jars or containers to keep them neat, organised and easy to find. Aside from fresh produce, these are a few staples in my kitchen at the moment.

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+ I truly use and love everything you find in this shop, and whilst sometimes affiliate links may be used to generate a small commission, I am not paid to feature these products. I will never feature products unless I honestly adore them and want to share them to help improve the health of both the people and the planet.