Recipes, rituals and other stories to realign the body and mind

A selection of testimonials, endorsements and general feedback on my blog, book and Qnola


"A cereal alternative, which tastes divine"- Ellie Goulding

"Quinoa and granola are two of my favourite things! And blended together, Qnola makes one of the tastiest and healthiest breakfasts you can choose" - Calgary Avansino - British Vogue

"Up at the crack of dawn but I'm starting my day with Qnola. Thank you! #grateful #loveyourbody" - Daisy Lowe, public figure

"It makes breakfast a treat, I love it on top of natural yoghurt or as a snack if I'm craving something sweet" - Millie Mackintosh, public figure

"Qnola has been an amazing breakfast cereal upgrade for me! It's yummy, healthy and convenient, as, although I love to have eggs in the morning, I don't always have time to cook! I just add some almond milk and I'm good to go" - Tanya Burr, blogger

"I love Qnola - It tastes beaut and is really quick to have for a good breakfast! Best thing ever" - Sam Rollinson, model

"Qnola is gorgeous and I love all the different flavours. It’s made using popped quinoa and is a grain free-granola, so a great alternative to oats. Other ingredients include nutritious nuts and seeds and a variety of different superfoods" - Madeleine Shaw, chef & blogger

"Qnola stepped up my healthy quick meal game big time. I feel so satisfied and energized after a heaping bowl of this delicious magic" - Tara Stiles, founder of Strala

I've found my experience with Qnola to be perfect! The customer service and efficient delivery service is faultless and the website offers innovative ideas and ways to keep me glowing! The Qnola products are amazing and I always look forward to receiving a new brown pouch of loveliness! The flavours are exciting, nutritious and definitely on trend with the latest superfoods! The limited edition versions always keep things exciting - I dream about the chocolate and orange! - Qnola Customer, UK

I just started adding some of the rituals that we discussed during our 1-1 session to my morning and evening routines and I absolutely love it and it really helps reducing the stress and anxiety. So thanks again for sharing your knowledge and writing such a wonderful book - Qnola Customer, UK

Thanks for inspiring me to be brave enough to take the leap, quit my job and say grow baby grow to my own dream! - Qnola Customer, UK

I have to say, I haven’t tried one of your flavours that I didn’t love. Your seasonal flavours have been totally on point too - Qnola customer, UK

Whilst I love granolas, I don’t buy them frequently because of the high sugar content. So the new Quinoa Oat Crunch will be a win win for me - Qnola Customer, UK

Qnola is the only breakfast that has an amazing taste and I don't get bloated at all - Qnola Customer

I genuinely love everything Qnola represents. I have your eye mask which I love and hope to buy one of your candles soon too! - Customer, UK
















Blog & Book

Thanks again Danielle! You're making such a difference and mark on this world - Anonymous reader

I wanted to be in touch because I absolutely love your instagram, website, and voice on social media! I can feel your good vibes through all that you put out there - Anonymous reader

Thanks again for everything. You're so inspiring, beautiful, and are touching so many peoples hearts, souls + bodies - Anonymous reader

Bought as a post-christmas present to myself and absolute love it. I love Danielle's attitude towards eating and moving for wellness and the book is full of so many delicious yet simple recipes. Also includes a lot of great self-care additions too which was unexpected and so appreciated! - Becky, UK

Well Being is quite possibly the most beautiful book I've ever purchased. Not only is it filled with delicious recipes (the honey roasted mushrooms are amazing!!), but it's also full of with the most amazing lifestyle tips. Each section has helped me to discover new rituals to help me be more collected, calm and present. It will be a book I will keep forever! - Lucie, UK

Not many books get a wow but this one does. So many books flatter to deceive, having few basic concepts extended to fill is pages but leaving one with little additional wisdom. This book oozes page upon page of technique, thoughts and illuminations. It’s structured in a way that takes you on a journey and shares with you and a way that is never critical or judgemental or preaching. The book is a diamond in the rough, well done that lady. And breathe... - Christopher, UK

This is not your average wellness book. This is a fantastic collection of behaviour and recipes for a modern, mindful and rather trendy way of Living. I really enjoyed reading it and all the food - Shelley, UK

The description on the front of this book “recipes and rituals to realign the body and mind” really captures the essence of what this book is all about. It is primarily a cookbook but it’s rooted in the principle that mind, mood, environment and individual circumstances all contribute to how we feel. It teaches you to slow down, take time for yourself and be more mindful with your food choices and in your approach to life in general. There’s a lot in the book that I hadn’t given any thought to previously so it feels like an enriching read. There are cooking tips and plenty of wellness inspiration (beyond food) throughout the book so there’s really a lot to read and absorb. - Anonymous reader, UK

I have thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, it is written in an easy style and is not too difficult for a 'novice' to understand and follow. This book is great to dip in an out of, it gives a lot of information about the benefit of using these various techniques and recipes and it has certainly piqued my interest making me want to improve my body and mind - Anonymous reader, UK

Wellbeing is a book that aspires to bring about a revolution of self care in the reader, even if by dipping the toe in a bit at a time, and not even prescribing what's set out in the book, but a taste or inspiration of what can be done throughout the day to bring stillness, or creativity or energy to the given moment on a mind, body, spirit level through movement, stillness, food and other care products. - Anonymous reader, UK

this book is beautifully presented and there are some great recipes (sweet potato gratin, honey and mustard Portobello mushrooms with ancient grains, buckwheat waffles, gorgeous drinks) and lots of beauty ideas. My daughter and I have enjoyed trying out the beauty products and the whole feel of the book is of nourishing and healthy living. Overall, I like this addition to my bookshelf and think it is gorgeously presented - Anonymous reader, UK

There is something truly absorbing and uplifting about this gorgeous book - just a brilliant collection of recipes, rituals, advice and suggestions to promote wellbeing - Anonymous reader, UK

Well Being is a beautifully presented book, ideal for the coffee table and for browsing through when you need a moment of calm inspiration. This is really a very positive book, inspiring you to think about the way you live and how to bring more calm and wellbeing into your life - Anonymous reader, UK

I have returned to this book time and time again, helping me build a sense of calm to my mornings, contemplation to my mealtimes and wellness to my days - Anonymous reader, UK

I’ve been a fan of Danielle and her brand, Qnola, for years now so was super excited to see the release of her book. Well Being is a missing link in the wellness industry - Charlie, UK

Well Being is my new beauty bible! A fantastic collection of all the good things that can help us live healthier and happier. I love how the book is written so holistically, combining all the elements of mindfulness, nutrition to physical health. - Anonymous reader, UK


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