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Travelling is by far my favourite thing to do. This may seem an obvious claim, as, who doesn't enjoy regular holidays and time away from work? However, my idea of travelling is not essentially the same as most peoples' idea of a holiday. I don't really go on holidays. I'm not someone who yearns to go abroad just to relax and do nothing. I'm someone who books a spontaneous trip to one or several destinations and doesn't stop exploring until she's on the flight home. I just don't see the point in simply taking my usual habits to a different location and doing things I could do anywhere in a place where there is so, so much to be experienced. 

Regardless of what a place has to offer, I travel for a number of reasons. Traveling and being on the road forces you to be present and live in the moment. I travel to let go, to live more freely, to learn, to experience and to expand my understanding, my outlook and my appreciation of life and the World around us. I travel to rediscover what it is like to go with the flow; to surrender to what is and what is meant to be; and to be pulled along by the current of life. Travel also stands as a reminder to me that there is so much more out their beyond our own small, individual worlds. There is so much more out there, and there is so much for us to learn from other cultures and communities. Travel is transformational, inspiring, eye-opening and grounding. It takes us out of theory and into practice; out of our comfort zones and into reality. It leads us out of denial and fear and into what actually is, forcing us to be so fully alive and present. There are so many unexpected and unanticipated opportunities, and so many experiences waiting to teach us something about the world and most often about ourselves too.

Travelling, for me, is an essential part of wellbeing. It is a form of meditation; a chance for us to come back to ourselves, and to be at one with ourselves and with the World around us. It is also a powerful reminder of all that we have to appreciate and be grateful for. I believe we can learn so much from travelling and from other places and people of the World. A few years ago, fuelled by stress, anxiety and a dangerous inability to switch off and slow down, a 3-week trip around Central America literally changed my life, both physically and mentally. I returned to such a simple way of living, one that felt so authentic and far more fulfilling than the life I'd settled into back home in London. With just a few essential possessions, I felt like I had more than enough, and all the clutter back home suddenly felt pointless and unnecessary. I didn't know where I was going from one day to the next, yet I felt more on track and able to trust the process than ever. I was able to take each day as it came, and my worries seemed instantly insignificant. Not to mention, there wasn't a boutique fitness class or a green juice in sight, yet I felt so content with the simple, fresh and local ingredients we had access to, that these things too became laughable. This was such an eye-opening moment for me, as I'd formerly been seriously attached to these things as methods for staying well, yet I felt so liberated to actually find myself without them, and surrounded by more authentic ways to be healthy.

Whilst there are many travel blogs out there, the travel section of my site is not merely a break down of beautiful hotels and resorts I think you should visit. It is a much deeper exploration into countries, cultures and communities and their rituals and traditions that I feel we all could learn from. The posts you'll find are intended to inspire and educate you about places, people and practises beyond your own little world. Through destination guides, reviews, wellness tips, interviews with locals and a series of videos, you'll discover a selection of things that have made most of an impact on me during my travels that I think will offer a new perspective for your journey to being well; whenever and wherever. You will find tips for staying well whilst travelling and reviews on wellness-orientated destinations, as well as a selection of general city guides to serve merely as education and inspiration for your future travels.

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