Recipes, rituals and other stories to realign the body and mind

Well Being Around the World

Well Being Around the World is an editorial series exploring rituals, recipes and other stories from cultures and communities around the world. It involves things I’ve discovered during personal trips, as well as reviews of wellness-orientated travel destinations I have visited and worked closely with. The intention is to take a closer look at communities all over the world, and to document and share their authentic and traditional daily rituals; things like the food they eat, how they keep fit, what is important to them and what contributes to their happiness, etc. I have always been interested in the traditions of other cultures and have also felt there is a lot to be learnt from communities who keep things simple. It just seems more authentic, more adaptable, more sustainable and more realistic, long-term, and I think I can speak for more than just myself when I say cold-pressed green juice and spin classes are not how I want to live the rest of my life.

The intention of this series is to influence our modernised lifestyle, and to inspire you to return to a more empowered, intuitive and simplistic way of living, understanding local and seasonal foods, natural movement, and often very basic and very cheap forms of entertainment that enhance a sense of community, purpose, passion and positivity. Expect salsa, singing, sharing, gratitude, nature and natural, unadulterated, pure, whole foods, and more.

Alongside these stories you will also find occasional featured travel posts, focussing on specific hotels, resorts or other destinations and their wellness offerings.

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